President Trump Announces Fake News Award Winners – “It’s a major award”

The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards


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18 Comments on President Trump Announces Fake News Award Winners – “It’s a major award”

  1. Today I was sitting in the Doctors office with my Mom. She was explaining to me how the reporter asked Trumps Doctor “how much ice cream does the President eat every day?” Even my 87 year old Mom realized how stupid these idiots are.

    I looked around the office waiting area with 16 people sitting around us. I pointed out to her the tv mounted on the wall with the news on. There was not a single person in the office watching it. I never saw one person even glance at it. They were either on their phones, tablet, reading or talking to someone with them.

    Nobody is watching them. Really, cable news average viewer age is something like 71 years old. I said its an actual waste of money to have a tv on in the office. I have noticed even in the local airports there are very few, only in certain bar areas. Nobody is watching them… we are actually slowing their demise by acknowledging them.

  2. I still think he should have made these awards part of the State of the Union Address. Right there in front of congress. Televised.

  3. This is brilliant. At last, someone who fights back effectively against the mountain of leftist and globalist bullshit that dominates the news media rhetoric.

  4. I still think he should show the 1994 President Clinton speech on immigration, where Clinton got a standing ovation, at his SOTU.
    But that’s just me, A phucken deplorable.

  5. I’ve got to tell you Mr. Pinko, your site loads so poorly (iPad) I don’t have the patience to wait. I want to see what you do, but I’m frustrated as hell with it. I have to go someplace else to see the winners. Maybe it’s me.

  6. SOTU is definitely going to be fun this year. So much MAGA, and you just know that there are going to be some digs.
    I hope he calls on Dem senators to vote for the Cruz bill making the tax cuts permanent – I am looking forward to seeing that vote and all the grandstanding that goes with it.

  7. Lord, God Almighy, Creator of All, Our Father,
    You called and called and called and called. He heard and heard and heard and heard. He FINally listened and cooperated; and now THE Donald is OUR Donald.
    Aaaaaaaalleluia !!! :-))))

    My President,
    That icky sludge and bad smell from the MSM ? It isn’t shit, it’s Whale Phlegm. Fortunately for us MAGA Hopefuls it’s a small problem because you can afford new clothes.
    Aaaaaaaalleluia !!!! :-)))))))))

  8. President Trump is taking overwhelming hits 24/7/365 from America’s enemies who buy ink by the barrel. In spite of
    tremendous odds, America is winning. While his enemies are talking, President Trump is walking.


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