President Trump Offering Way To Decouple From Obamacare

They are called “association health plans” and Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order greatly expanding access to this alternative as well as freeing them up to compete across state lines.



14 Comments on President Trump Offering Way To Decouple From Obamacare

  1. How about what Mitt Romeny said he would do and just sign an E.O. and give the whole nation a waiver. Obama set the precedence so even Obama himself could not complain.

  2. Watch Costco, Sam’s and Amazon form associations. This is an Obamacare killer AND a first step introducing competition to health insurance and then health care.

  3. @Kevin R. October 11, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    > I want my freedom back.

    Aww, now, @Kevin. You know that’s terrorist talk.

  4. LOL!! The man is a genius!
    I had a cat once that would love to play with mice she’d catch. She’d do it for an hour or more. And then she’d kill and eat them……….
    Just go back to what this man has had to fight in the past 9 months and it is breathtaking!

  5. Obamacare Obliteration. Congress should be required to keep Obamacare, and foot the whole bill themselves.
    No subsidies!!! No exceptions. They won’t play hardball, President Trump will show them how it’s played!

  6. Obamacare is designed to FAIL to usher in socialized medicine.

    They don’t want Trump to make their own policy succeed. The democrats will oppose it every step of the way.

  7. Page O Turner – yep, I’d love to see that. My Sams membership would finally be worth the $55 I piss away on it every year.

    Meanwhile, I can see associations like the NFIB Natl Federation of Independent Businessmen (small business owners) offer affordable, cafeteria-style healthcare plans that are actually useful.

    BRING IT ON, PRESIDENT TRUMP. My two main reasons I voted for you was The Wall and Abolishing the ObomaCare Unaffordable Healthcare Act


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