Prog Teacher Uses Caste System That Intentionally Puts White Males at the Bottom of the Ladder


Stephanie McKellop, a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant who studies marriage and family, has since set their Twitter account to private, but archived copies of the tweets were posted online and quoted in news stories. (McKellop uses they/them pronouns.)

“I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. WW come next. And, if I have to, white men,” McKellop tweeted on Monday, using abbreviations for “people of color” and “white women.”

McKellop added in following tweets that they learned that strategy from a professor in undergrad. “In normal life, who has the easiest time speaking, most opportunities? Flip it,” McKellop tweeted. “The classroom is the place YOU get to control social setting.”


Here’s where Newsweek simply “reports the news.” (sarcasm)


Alex Jones’ InfoWars, a conservative website that peddles conspiracy theories and nutritional supplements, on Friday called the strategy a “discriminatory practice,” noting that Penn president Amy Gutmann has been silent on the issue and called on readers to contact the university leader to ask “If she supports open discrimination against white people in her classrooms.” Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, who has almost 750,000 followers on Twitter, posted a story about McKellop that said her strategy was, “Also known as racism.”

Reddit post that drew hundreds of comments called McKellop “racist” and said the question policy discriminated against white and male students. “While I support people’s right to be racist and retain their job, I don’t think someone openly discriminating against some students should be retaining this sort of job,” the post said.

On Twitter, multiple people posted about McKellop, with most criticizing the question policy. “McKellogs is an Anti-White that should not be a teacher,” posted a Twitter user who used a Pepe the Frog image as their profile photo and misspelled the teaching assistant’s name.

23 Comments on Prog Teacher Uses Caste System That Intentionally Puts White Males at the Bottom of the Ladder

  1. When will one male have the guts to walk into U Penn’s admin departmant with a lawyer and demand that this teaching assistant lose her position for deliberate attampts to damage his academic career through the application of racist and sexist policies? U Penn has enough of a bad rep that the appearance of a a student with a legitimate grievance in the gender/race arena with a lawyer in tow should have had that “teacher” blown out of the classromm in a whirl of paperclips. Fight Back, now’s the time.

  2. That’s pretty funny. If she doesn’t call on whites until last, who is going to give her preferred students the correct answers?

  3. “Stephanie McKellop, a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant who studies marriage and family,”

    She’s a professional student.

  4. I’m so pissed. May that bitch burn her hooch with the hottest cup of coffee there is. I’ve already written to the Dean of Pussy UPenn Lib Arts & Sciences.

    In the end, as any successful teacher will tell you, you can only teach the things that you are. If we practice racism then it is racism we teach. Max Lerner

  5. White males who sign up for her course have paid for the privilege of holding the ladder. That’s why they signed up.

  6. Uh-Oh! Socialists are acting like socialists again!

    ⬛ Segregated dorm rooms.
    ⬛ Attacking Christians.
    ⬛ Scapegoating people based on race.
    ⬛ Strict laws for some races, reduced sentencing for others.
    ⬛ Strict standards for college for some races, low standards for other races.
    ⬛ Strict hiring standards for some races, none for others.
    ⬛ Caste system for racial favoritism.
    ⬛ Some races should have abortions, some should not.
    ⬛ Some races should immigrate, others not.
    ⬛ Some races have high social moral obligations, other have excises.
    ⬛ High tax-rates for political enemies, to give to voting blocs.
    ⬛ Brown-shirt street thugs as enforcement arm of politicians.
    ⬛ Party members get all, none for everyone else.
    ⬛ Fascist flags.
    ⬛ Fascist arm patches.
    ⬛ Reichstag false flag operations.

    Start stockpiling weapons and a ammo, the socialists are going on the warpath again.

  7. @bob, she wouldn’t have to worry about this white male ever hassling her. It’s a large planet.

    Maybe that African vampire will find her.

  8. From her self-description on the school web site ( no further comment necessary ):
    “In the past, I have studied the history of “family history” in early America, seeking to explore how different cultures practiced and understood family through disciplines of history, competitve notions of “blood,” and gendered productions of what we have come to call genealogy, as well as issues of racial blame, immigration, and nationalism in marriage debates during the Progressive Era. Currently, I am working on several smaller projects regarding widowhood in early America as well as how folk and customary marriages informed cultural interactions in the colonial and revolutionary period. I am also working on a side project regarding trauma in history and how historians treat traumatized subjects.”

  9. These silly progs act like the discrimination created by their democrat party are still in effect today.

  10. If Stephanie “uses they/them pronouns”, then shouldn’t she, uh, I mean, they, also say, “We will always call on our Black women students first” instead of “I will always call on my Black women students first”?
    It’s just so complicated!

  11. @Tony R
    The phrase “gendered productions of what we have come to call genealogy”
    says it all. What she is saying is that the previously known two sexes that produce children are in error. All newly known and recognized genders can do the same.
    She is just batsh!t crazy.

  12. @Irony ~ pretty much ALL college degrees are worthless, if they are in the ‘Arts’ …. & the only worthy ones in the ‘Sciences’ are the Engineering Degrees … & then only if they lead to EIT’s & then PE’s

  13. You guys are not looking at it right. I did 23 active in the submarine community. I consider myself a lifelong teacher of young enlisted and officers in both military and private life teachings.

    Now think about this. When you are actively teaching a group and you start interacting with questions and answers, who are you going to interact with first?

    Whitey in the back row with all the answers and pays attention?

    Dumb fem in the middle row, not paying attention?

    Or some dumb fuck that don’t wanna be there and don’t give a shit?


    My lesson is over.


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