Progressive Dilemma – Illegal Alien Kills Man in Homophobic Attack

As a progressive, this must turn their stupid heads into a pretzel.


A man who was murdered early Sunday morning was defending his gay friends from a man who said “I hate you (expletive) gays, I’m going to kill you all here,”witnesses told the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Nelson Hernandez Mena, 48, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He made a court appearance Monday morning.

The incident happened after Mena followed a group from a Salvadoran restaurant in Lake Worth, a witness told police.

The victim, Juan Javier Cruz, 22, died in the shooting. Multiple witnesses confirmed that Mena followed Cruz and his friends out of Restaurante y Pupuseria Las Flores in downtown Lake Worth and threatened them for being gay.

According to one bystander, Mena told Cruz right before the shooting, “If we were in my country I’d kill all of you like rats.”

After Cruz defended his friends, Mena, who later admitted to having consumed 15 or 20 beers that night, pulled a handgun from his pants and began shooting, the report said.

Cruz was killed by the gunfire and another bystander was shot in the ankle, according to police. The bystander later told police that he had asked Mena’s friend for his phone number earlier and believed that was what made him angry.


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16 Comments on Progressive Dilemma – Illegal Alien Kills Man in Homophobic Attack

  1. Considering that the LGBTABCITSEASYAS123 crowd sides with Islamists, what wouldn’t they side with the illegals?

  2. It’s a little complicated, but the Left has a precise formula for raveling a snarly problem like this:

    No one in the “matter” was:

    a woman: Take off 7 points
    a lesbian: Take off 12 points
    transgender: Take off 3.5 points
    hermaphrodite: Add 2 points

    The victim who was killed get an automatic 10 points, but only if he was not white and not a male. But since he is hispanic he gets 4 points and 5 more points for being gay. If he was illegal he gets 44 additional points.

    The person shot in the ankle is subject to the points rules, above, but must reduce their points by 2 because it was only an ankle and not a vital organ.

    The murderer still gets 44 points if he was illegal. All other points rules apply, plus 46 bonus points for being inebriated (see “I don’t remember anything” rule).

    Bartender takes off the same number of points earned by the gunman, plus any points for being white and/or male.

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. …I forgot two important point rules:

    If the gunman wasn’t black, take off 14 points. If he was not a policeman add 14 points.

    If the victim was not black take off 14 points. If the victim was not a policeman, add 14 points.

    This is important: Take the resulting point total and use this formula: Pn (Points negative) + Pp (Points positive) – .5 X 70/9.

  4. Oh this is an easy one. Ignore the homophobia and focus on the fact that a GUN was used. “We need common sense gun control measures…”

  5. You’re very good at math Abigail.

    I was reduced to minus one illegal vs plus one incarcerated illegal and supported by tax payers for a few years. Plus one and minus one equals zero. Apparently nothing happened at all. Check CNN. They’ll confirm by not mentioning it. Same with Fox.

  6. Its really not a dilemma at all. They simply wont take either side. Theyll keep their pie holes shut and it will be ignored. On an outside chance, they will blame Trump for creating an “environment of hate” or claim the shooter was dealing with so much fear and anxiety over Trump that he was projecting his anger on fellow Trump victims.

    They buried the story of the Bernie/Hitlery psycho lefty that shot the republican chairman 2x in the head on his front lawn in Pennsylvania so I think they will just bury it.

  7. Was the guy that was killed gay tho? The article said the victim was “defending his gay friends”. If he wasn’t actually gay then, easy peasy, no hate crime. This actually happened in the next town from mine. A black gang banging thug said, “I hate Mexicans” before shooting a teenager dead. Well, as it turned out, the “Mexican” was actually a light skinned black. So, no interracial murder, no hate crime. If this was just a straight Hispanic guy shooting another straight Hispanic guy, no hate crime.

    (PS Hate crime laws are really stoopid and only selectively applied)

  8. It’s a numbers game.

    There are more crazies trying to illegally get into the country to sabotage it, than there are internal gays trying to sabotage it.

    You lose again gays!

  9. The Mexican Illegals can rape women and children, and murder anyone and nothing but crickets. But, if they start raping and killing gays and trannies, will this finally be the call to action we have been waiting for? Nah. The predictable reaction from the left will be to simply ignore the story.


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