Proof That Trump Is a Racist!

The truck is WHITE!!!!

Read about it HERE.



12 Comments on Proof That Trump Is a Racist!

  1. It’s a B class fleet vehicle and probably a rental. If they weren’t morons they could have walked around to the passenger side door where they would find all of the federally required information, which would tell them who owns it.

  2. CNN is so phucked up. ISIS is defeated but they want to video President Trump on the golf course, and they report that the toilet seats were changed in the White House “after hours.” What a phucking joke. Go Donald Go,
    America Loves you.

  3. Hey… if the trees can be racist who am I to deny the poor truck of that label too!
    Hell, anymore today it’s a badge of honor!
    I mean, anything can be “raysis” today, so who wants to be left out and have to see a therapist?

  4. Moe Tom – I hoid something slightly different. Trump had the recessed toilet paper holders, that were enlarged to hold entire rolls of Brawny in 2008, to normal standard sized holders.

  5. Paper is racist. It should be black and ink should be white.
    Wait, that means ink would be racist. My head hurts.


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