Poll: Louie Anderson or Hillary Clinton?

Or you can exercise a write-in vote.

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26 Comments on Poll: Louie Anderson or Hillary Clinton?

  1. Louie … but it’s close

    the give-away is the gap-teeth & no blood-shot eyes & booze wrinkles

    … although it could be the Pillsbury Dough-Girl

  2. Ohh! I thought you were asking who would you rather… Obviously it’s Louie. Or perhaps it’s David Letterman going for a new look because he gets pissed off in December by kids pointing at him saying, “Look mom, it’s Santa!”

  3. Who can tell without seeing the boot….Ronco presents “the Boot”….”Has your stroke caused you loss of dorsiflexion?….Does your foot drop like your jowels?”….”well, Ronco gives you the boot and your face will be nun the wiser”……..”broken toe excuse is $19.99 extra”….

  4. Definitely not HRC. The make up is amazingly better. There is a facial expression and it’s clean shaven. The hair doesn’t look like a live animal lives there. What you can see of the ‘costume’ looks almost feminine, especially with the jewelry.

    But to be certain, I’d have to hear a second of its cackle. That is all I could take, or would need, to be certain.

  5. I dunna know – check it’s internet connection, server, and emails for classified content – if none then it’s louise anderson!


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