Reader Contributions, part 1 June 2014

2014-06-01 Reader Contributions

Attributions: If a reader sends in photos from the web, email or elsewhere (photos not taken by them or family/friends) (or photos not identified as by them or family/friends), I will add them to my collection of web images to post periodically. Otherwise, if it is their photo, I will include the information given to me when sent in.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Sunday Critter feature (done on a roughly bi-annual basis) please sent your submission to:

Please use the word ‘Critters’ in the subject line and
include the following in the body of the email:

1.  Your screen name
2.  Indicate if you or family/friend took the picture (if the picture is from the web or an email someone sent you, it may be featured in a different post)
3.  Any description you wish

P.S. I post pictures “in the order they are received”. If you send more than a couple of pictures, they may not all make the cut. But if you’re patient, they still may make it if I run out of new entries.

7 Comments on Reader Contributions, part 1 June 2014

  1. OMG! saw the photo of Lacy.. I had a Norwegian Forest cat named Tom.. except he had the black and white tuxedo look. I still can’t believe I got mine for free (with a $20 purchase) it turns out those kittens usually sell for $800.00 (the last time I checked). I had to put Tom down last year, he was 16 years old and in poor health. but he did live a happy and worthwhile life.

  2. That Norwegian Forrest Cat is a big kitty. I’ve seen a few Maine Coon Cats over 20lbs but I wasn’t aware of the Norwegian breed.

    Just one question for the Norwegian Forrest Cat caretakers out there (c’mon we all know cats don’t have owners) When one of these cats meows, does it sound like a baritone human voice saying “M-E-O-W”?

    Just wondering because that’s what the Maine Coon Cats used to sound like to me.

  3. Nice critters.

    @ADD, that dead lightbulb looks like a POS curly-fry one.
    I hope you learned your lesson!

    @Doc, Lacey is a beauty.
    Around my house we have to spell “c.a.r.” because that’s my pup’s favorite thing in the world. Ice cream is a close second.

  4. That’s an old picture of Lacey. She was out in the shop with me while I was cleaning some guns and she got hit with a spray of Hoppe’s #9. I didn’t know that stuff would remove SPOTS!


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