Remind Me Again, Who’s Always Cursing America?

The left wing media is all atwitter praising Michelle Obama’s speech last night at the DNC bragging about how great The United States is and trying to counter Donald Trump’s convention speech spelling out how lousy things have been since her husband assumed the presidency.

 Fortunately, Dennis Prager is here to provide a full list of all the ways the left constantly bad mouth this country. 

Typical MSM reaction to Mooch’s speech Here

 A reality check on the left from Dennis Prager Here



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  1. I can’t believe there was no outrage about her “First time I’ve been proud of our country” comment. Hopefully after they’re forced to leave the White Hut they move to Kenya.

  2. How come the coach never taught his linebacker to never wear his shoulder pads with a dress. Probably spent too much time explaining to Mooch that he could use the girls shower and potty!

  3. Shouldn’t someone be accusing her of Cultural Appropriation, because of her hairstyle? I mean, that’s definitely a white hairstyle, not a black one.

  4. Just before the enactment of LBJ’s “Great Society” mistake, 93% of all black children lived in a household with both parents.

    Today, that figure is 37%.

    And BTW, isn’t “dark” a racist phrase?

  5. Nice of them to put an American flag on stage tonight. They had to be reminded. I listened to the young man singing the National Anthem. Great job. But did any of you notice all the “crotch salutes’?

  6. Barack thought the country was so great that it required “fundamental transformation.” Right, Michelle?

  7. For 7 1/2 years for the Obamas it’s been the United States sucks and it’s all Bush’s fault.
    Now Trump is now pointing out that there are things that suck, and it’s Obama’s fault. And it’s the truth.

  8. Dennis notes, “Blacks have more anger toward whites and America than at any time since the civil rights era.”

    Yathink Dennis?

    I’d phase that a bit darker, like we’re in a one sided race war where blacks can to this to whites,(it’s horrific) and a collective ho-hum is the response. If this were reversed…

    From Liberty’s Torch

    In January of 2007, 21 year-old Channon Christian and her boyfriend, 23 year-old Christopher Newsom, were the victims of a horrific crime in Knoxville, Tennessee. During what appears to have started as a carjacking, the criminals decided to abduct the two and set in motion a disturbing series of events.
    The suspects allegedly tortured and raped the young woman for several days before killing her. The young man’s life ended sooner but his treatment was no less brutal.

    The amount of savagery that took place in this case is of such magnitude that bloggers and their readers are asking, “Where’s the national media?” What happened to these two young people is right up there with Jeff Dahmer’s deeds on the list of wicked things that people have done to each other.

    Now, carjackings are nothing new. Rapes and murders are also fairly frequent. But the brutality of this particular crime appears to have probed new heights of savage inhumanity:

    “It apparently started with a carjacking,” said Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rich Knighten. “They did some really nasty things to this lady.”
    Subsequently Newsom’s badly burned and mutilated body was found in a rail yard. It turns out the five assailants did some “really nasty things” to Christopher Newsom before they killed him. Authorities know that he was raped, his penis cut off, and beaten before being set on fire and shot several times. It is believed they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch.

    Reports state that Channon Christian, was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all five assailants, including an eighteen year-old female named Vanessa Coleman. They also took turns urinating on her. Then they cut off her breasts and put a chlorine-based cleaning product in her mouth, ostensibly to eradicate any DNA evidence, then murdered her and left her body in a garbage can inside a house once occupied by two of the assailants.

    What kind of subhuman could do such a thing to a defenseless human being, you ask? Who could regard another person as meat to be abused and tortured for the sheer pleasure of it? Who could bear to go on living after having participated in such a deed, even to the extent of witnessing it?

    Apparently, these persons could. (images of 6 black men)

    This is 1st person Francis Porretto(and I completely agree),
    I have said it before, and I’ll say it whenever anyone asks, whether in public or in private: I am a racist. That is, I am persuaded that as statistical aggregates, the conventionally recognized races differ in ways that can be contextually significant. So any mealy-mouthed leftists in the audience who think they can cow me by calling me a racist already have my reply: Damned right I am!

    Despite the differences among the races, Americans are expected to make a wholehearted attempt to treat one another as individuals, to be judged on our individual merits. This is a vitally necessary enterprise. It’s the only way we can share this country in something approximating peace (i.e., “a state of tension that falls short of overt armed conflict”). The sole alternative is a process of racial cleansing after which the United States would be peopled exclusively by whites.

    Don’t kid yourselves. Were American whites ever to conclude that inter-racial peace is impossible, within two years there wouldn’t be a black man left alive and free anywhere in this country. We’re a numerical majority. We control the preponderance of the land, the wealth, and most important, the weapons. Our targets would wear their affiliation in their flesh. It hasn’t happened — and please God, may it never happen — because we still believe, despite many disappointments, that inter-racial amity is achievable. Preserving that conviction is the one and only hope American blacks have for their futures, and for those of their children.

    What would undermine that conviction?

    Clear and convincing evidence that American blacks are irremediably violently hostile toward whites, or:
    A groundswell of conviction that such evidence exists, but that our news organs have conspired to deny it to us.
    The first condition has not been met. The second condition is being advanced by the Old Media themselves.

    Word gets around. Something as atrocious as the rape-torture-murders of Christian and Newsom cannot forever be kept from the light of day. People talk: policemen, forensic investigators, neighbors, reporters, reporters’ clerical assistants, cleanup specialists, garbagemen, the families of the victims, their neighbors, and their neighbors’ kids. There’s simply no hope that the story won’t sooner or later be told. When it is told, after a long interval of silence, people will naturally ask one another, “Why haven’t we heard anything about this before now?” They will suspect conspiracy.

    It’s easy to suspect conspiracies, and difficult to disprove them. Conspirators are secretive by nature, seeking always to conceal or disguise their identities and deeds. Successful conspirators are well prepared to deflect the blame for their crimes onto wholly innocent others. With this as the model, one who begins to suspect that he’s being deceived has a long, hard road to travel to disabuse himself of the notion.

    Journalists who downplay or conceal inter-racial crimes out of the mistaken notion that they’re helping to avert further hostility are either deluded or hopelessly stupid. By furthering the conviction among private citizens that we’re being lied to, they advance the concomitant conviction that “the other,” about whose deeds we’re being denied full and accurate reports, really is someone to be feared…someone to be located and destroyed, or cast out of our midst, for our own safety’s sake.

    Thus, whatever their conscious motives and intentions, politically correct journalists who spike stories about horrific crimes by black perpetrators are the new segregationists. It is their decisions about which stories should be emphasized and which ones must be buried that will persuade white Americans that their black neighbors cannot be trusted and must be expelled from the body politic.

    Let me add that when whites begin killing, we kill on a scale that is meant to put to rest any notion whatsoever that mercy is part of the deal. Right now blacks are killing and assaulting and raping whites at 7x the reverse. When the worm turns, and it will, it will settle this shit in the most fearful fashion. When enough of us have friends and relatives end up as stats…

  9. JMV, flip, Mooch’s cultural appropriation begins when it gets out of bed each morning and stands on two feet instead of four.

  10. Mooch wants everyone to share in a delusional leftist ideal that in reality does not exist. This is the way commies act when they believe they can’t be removed from power.
    BTW, First Sasquatch acquired her white cultural appropriation look by way of India. East Indian hair weaved into her fur. What a hypocrite.


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