Rep. Steve Scalise: Welfare Reform at Top of GOP’s To-Do List

( – “There’s a lot that we’re going to be doing in 2018, and it starts where we left off,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House Majority Whip, told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

He put welfare reform at the top of the list, noting that as the economy takes off, “the next big thing you’re going to see is a need for workers.”

“And I think the best thing we can do is to go and reform those welfare programs that are trapping people in a failed welfare state. Let’s actually put some work requirements in place so that we can get people back to work, rebuild the middle class.  read more

9 Comments on Rep. Steve Scalise: Welfare Reform at Top of GOP’s To-Do List

  1. THE WALL is the first priory. Stop and reverse the invasion FIRST. This will greatly simplify cleaning up (eliminating) the welfare system.

  2. The GOP establishment think if they don’t talk about the wall, it will go away.
    Eliminate funding to the UN, anti-democracy governments and wasteful “member” initiatives then fund the wall immediately.

  3. Well, I guess that’s one way to deal with Mueller’s grand jury. They’ll have to get jobs and won’t be able to hang around the courthouse all damn day.

  4. The biggest welfare recipient’s I can think of are on Capital Hill. They get large checks for what?


    💥 The poor CAN’T get jobs for one thing.
    *No resume.
    *No skills.
    *And criminal records.

    Nice idea, in theory. Ever fill out an application? “Have you ever been even CHARGED with a crime, even if you were found not-guilty?”

    Wholly f*@king ‘ell man! Seriously? Even if someone was found not-guilty, they are still treated as guilty? The police and courts made a mistake, but you still have to list this? Parking tickets too? Expunged records? EVEN SPEEDING TICKETS?
    Honestly, who lives a clean and pure life? Is there any way a person is given a chance to LIVE DOWN something that happened 10 or 20 years ago? No. Your whole damn life is on trial apparently, so if they don’t like you, they’ll have an excuse, even if it is technically illegal to do so.

    I had 2 speeding tickets AND I WAS ASKED ABOUT IT at an interview! I felt like saying, “Listen motherfucker, that was over 7 years ago, and I wasn’t watching my speed, big hairy deal. I paid the fine, and moved on. Maybe you should to huh?”

    💥 And if you have something negative on Twitter of Facebook? Forget it. The employer will not hire or fire. Did the news ever use a quote from you? That’s searchable. If an employer doesn’t agree with your comments, –forget it, you’re OUT.

    💥💥 I VERY SERIOUSLY HOPE, Trump will tell/force employers to WAIVE minor “crimes” if it has nothing to do with the job. Ex: A person has a DUI, they can stock shelves in a store, that has nothing to do with the violation. It’s better to make employers hire these people rather than US pay for them to sit on welfare as being unhireable. Screw you. You hire them and pay them, we are sick of picking up the tab for people of working age.

    💥💥 If you’ve been on welfare for over 10 years, you’re institutionalized.</b.
    Go out and work AND KEEP ALL OF YOUR WELFARE BENEFITS: housing, medical, food stamps. Just get out, be productive, show your kids adults go to work, build your resume, be part of the community.
    If you make over "X-AMOUNT" and can pay your own socialism, then it will be reviewed, and you can start paying your own housing etc. So what!? We are paying all their bills anyway, what difference does it make if they pick up a few bucks working at Burger King 25 hours a week?

    💥💥 Kicking people off welfare, and making them work at 7-11 six days a week, will not cover their housing, medicine, food, expenses, car/insurance (if they can afford one). There's no money left over. That is the extent of their education and skill, part-time work. However, putting in 48 hours a week at minimum wage is A LOT to expect from someone who has never held a job before, and still can't take care of themselves or their kids.

    💥 I want welfare to reduce as well, but face the facts. High school drop-outs with 3 kids, no skill, no resume (misdemeanor too probably) are not going to make it at the jobs they qualify for without the government keeping the training wheels on for a while.

    💥 Wealthy Congressmen haven't filled out a job application in many decades, and this will blow up in their face for sure. Caged birds don't know how to fly and the backlash will be absolutely severe. Go slow…..


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