Report: Expect ‘Full Trump,’ Unchained, in 2018

Big Government: If you thought President Donald Trump was great in 2017, you ain’t seen nothing yet: wait until Trump 2018, a report from Axios’s Mike Allen on Friday morning argues.

Citing multiple sources who have met or spoken recently with the president, Allen reports that those in the know in Washington should expect the “full Trump” in 2018—the president’s upcoming second year.

“If you ask some close to President Trump what worries them most about 2018, it’s not Robert Mueller’s probe,” Allen writes under a headline saying to expect Trump to be “unchained” in 2018. “It’s that establishment guardrails of 2017 come down — and Trump’s actual instincts take over.”

“Next year will bring ‘full Trump,’ said one person who recently talked to the president,” Allen adds.

Allen notes that most of Trump’s major 2017 achievements could have been made by any old traditional Republican, from the tax cuts plan to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and cutting regulations.

“Most of those in his current decision-making circle — even if they’re not mainstream Republicans — are defending mainstream Republican principles like free trade and an internationalist view of foreign policy,” Allen writes. “But top officials paint a different portrait of Trump when it comes to what he really wants on trade, immigration and North Korea — but has been tamped down by skeptical staff and Cabinet officials.”

Privately, Trump is throwing down entirely with the economic nationalist roots of his presidency.  read more

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if he was able to make liberals so despondent that they all decide to commit mass suicide?


  2. IF….he isn’t the victim of the traitorous deep state or established rino’s. The whole world is gunning for him & I worry about his safety.

  3. I love the smell of MAGA in the morning and the only thing that tops that is the constant Trump-winning!

    Happy new year and God bless us all.

  4. If ANY of the Q Anon “Bread Crumbs” are true, and I believe there’s enough circumstantial evidence that he shouldn’t quickly be discounted, Trump took the gloves off about 10 weeks ago.

    Reports are there are 33 new residence at GITMO. Sessions and Rod Rosenstein are headed there next week.
    One of those new residence was supposedly on a plane bound for Tokyo and the had the plane return 4 hours in flight.
    This ones kind of thin. But it will be interesting to follow. I say it’s thin because it seems a little over the top. Julian Assange supposedly landed on U.S soil the evening of the 25th. If you google Julian Assange you’ll find stories about how his Twitter feed was mysteriously down for an extended period of time on the 25th. This shits better than anything Tom Clancy could come up with. There’s a ton more.

  5. President Trump has already caused many their sphincters to relax all over the greater DC area.
    just think how much more he could have done if the Atty. Gen. had been sober at least part time.

  6. If the IG report comes out mid January and it contains what we think and hope it does , Trump will unleash the hounds of hell on those who were trying to take him and his family down.
    The GOP better get on board real quick and not try to scuttle him and all that he is doing.
    We are on to them and know who thy are ,
    people are sick of their crap and will vote accordingly.

  7. Bwahahahhahaahahah, that’s a good one DW. If there was so much as an ounce of any evidence that Trump was a Russian plant and Putin puppet, it would have been leaked all over the media months ago.

    But you say we all know this as a fact? You better hurry up and call Mueller with your hard factual evidence because he is dying for crumbs right now.

  8. Bwahahahhahaahahah, that’s a good one DW. If there was so much as an ounce of any evidence that Trump was a Russian plant and Putin puppet, it would have been leaked all over the media months ago.

    But you say we all know this as a fact? You better hurry up and call Mueller with your hard factual evidence because he is dying for crumbs right now.

    Not that it would matter anyhow because for the millionth time, collusion is not a crime.

  9. Debbie Wasserman, is that you? Ya bowl legged thing! How’s that dossier business going, DW? You have nothing at all. Even the lefty media knows this and have admitted the same. On the other hand, there is shit ton on hillary, 0bama… And the left is so very nervous right now. LOL!

  10. DW — One of the rulz here is if you’re making a claim about something you need to cite your sources, specifically. Once the sources have been vetted, then we can argue the merits of them. Them’s a boat load of allegations you got there, sparky. Have you ever figured out the motive(s) for Barky not releasing his skool records?

  11. “Why is Trump protesting so much?”

    Give us an example. I haven’t heard any hints of “PROTEST”

    “What info does Flynn have that Dump doesn’t want coming out?”

    What if there’s no info from Flynn coming out? Stupid question.

    “Trump’s taxes. If he revealed them then everything would be just peaches and pretty poodles. Except he won’t. Very simple to realize why.”

    I don’t care. Why do you?

    “101 stuff, people. The investigation would have been long over if there was nothing to uncover. Manafort, Gates, Papadop, Flynn …wowzer.”

    The investigation is an attempt by Libtards, like yourself, to retard headway on his agenda and will never end.

    You are an idiot.

  12. DW sounds like a couple of my family members. All kinds of letters after their names and wouldn’t servive in the private sector for 6 months. They seem to think a non-profit is private sector.

  13. DW

    Big difference between complaining and protesting right? I’d complain too with this chicken shit bull shit.

    The Russian influence you speak of was all brain dead drunk Hitlary. NOT TRUMP. A fake paid for dossier created by some guy with no teeth from the U.K.

    So let me point out how stupid all you Libtards are. Let’s get back to Trumps Tax returns which you are anxious to peruse. Like you’d know what your looking at being a Barista at Star Bucks and all. Trump International is an LLC. A cooperation. He actually is director of a bunch of them. They’re all public knowledge. Knock you self out. But here’s the killer. Here’s the truth that makes ass holes like you and the MSM look like the fools you are. Trump’s basically an employee to all those Cooperations. They right his ass a check weekly, maybe monthly, like any working stiff. Any wrong doing would never be discovered in Trumps personal tax return. It would exist in one of his many cooperations. You fucking idiot.

  14. ” solid economy”

    You can’t be that stupid. Have you watched the stock market” Have you watch the GDP. Come on man, climb out of moms basement once in a while will you.
    Your still and idiot.

  15. Obviously, Mueller is draaaaging out the ‘investigation’ because that’s what the left is good at. Stalling, bullshitting, covering each others’ asses.
    So far, only leftist ass has been exposed. But you can’t tell DW “101” anything because that sad child is in Maxine Waters territory.

  16. “Trump Corp down 89%” LOL. Your butt buddy jumped the shark. 20% would have destroyed Trump International. 89%and the kids would have been washing windows. You Libtards are so funny. Really fucking stupid, but funny.

  17. Bad_Brad – It’s actually a little scary that people like him or her or ze (lol) walk around like this all day with their heads full of misinformation and up their asses. We broke from the RINOs and criticize them daily, but people like him don’t care who’s fucking him over, as long as it’s his own team that’s doing it to him. They have blind devotion to their fears, perceived victimization by “OTHERS”, and contempt. There are no ‘smelling salts’ for them. Pathetic, really. Do you ever wonder how the 3rd world got to be the 3rd world? People like him.
    Why dictators run rampant in the middle east? Because of people like him. They don’t learn, they don’t speak, they do everything their lesser gods tell them to do, and they wind up slaves.

  18. MJA

    The personal tax return thing has alway gotten me. They can’t be that stupid. Please pay a little attention to the Q Anon thing. There’s something to this.

  19. At what point do I release our secret weapon in order to put DW in his place?
    As all of you regulars know, when the troll takes up a little too much of our time we bring in our special debater, one that speaks and understands how the leftwit mind works.
    We bring in Cecil.
    Cecil’s a guy that was left at the bottom of the pool a little too long when he was a kid, and he eats dandelion tops while watching an unplugged television.

    DW, whenever you want to engage with Cecil, let me know. You’ll have a bit of a challenge, but it might be a moment of development for you.

  20. “Trump hasn’t released his taxes!!!11!!11″
    Dumb ass! You think Mueller hasn’t looked already? Or wait! Is Mueller in on the ‘tax scam!?” All those 0bamaites and clinton holdouts and they still have nothing. They have less than nothing. (But they do seem to keep catching themselves in their own nets.) LMAO.

  21. ““NOT TRUMP” – you sound like Trump! Whine…. Whine …sniff….WHINE. It’s like a four-year-old not getting their way! Trump, stop your whining! No other respected leader acts this way. The world is laughing and taking advantage at you.”

    I think you meant “WIN” loser.

  22. DW

    Just so you know, somebody tries to unseat our President, we will come after them. You think I’m joking your wrong. This is America son, my advice, move to Venezuela. It should suit a socialist piece of shit like you well. Adios.

  23. DW’s info is months old. He’s like the Japanese hiding out on an island in the bush with his gun, unaware his country has surrendered.

    Dude, open up your email app and go to spam, I think the memo that the DNC sent out, that they are going to pivot from the tree that bore no fruit (the Trump Collusion Fiasco) and focus on another lost clause (pun intended as you wittily say) –> emoluments, got flagged.

    Wow. The stupid is strong, like Manhattan cabby armpit in July.

  24. OMG y’all, Something ain’t right. I see a pattern. DW are you a clinically retarded illegal alien? Ah but I’m asking a moron if he’s a moron. What’s the point? No,DW, this is sad. Have your handlers teach you to argue like a grown up, okay? And leave the cough syrup alone. I’m serious.
    Bless his heart, He’s gonna get taken by owls. *shakes head*

  25. Another low skilled fool from out of the US. His news is as ‘fresh’ as the newest episode of FRIENDS. SPOILER ALERT! Ross knocked up Rachel! lol

  26. Hey dw come back in six months and run your mouth.
    Bet that you will not. Or hang around and comment on other threads. Fake news is all you have. Liar.

  27. Brad, quit playing with the boy. I like how he keeps saying “bye” but won’t leave. *eye roll* Probably can’t find his way back to MSNBC.

  28. “– Trump has been complaining about the Mueller investigation for weeks and weeks now (especially since the Manafort, Flynn etc, and the ‘coffee boy’ news came out). Trump has no respect for the FBI or the rule of law. Has obstructed justice. Manafort, at very least, is guilty of treason – Trump knew all of what was going on. Who knows about Pence. He’s been very quiet these up and such (hasn’t everybody?). PRO TIP: Please stay up to date on relevant news – it’ll save you time.

    – Trump’s legal team readies attack on Flynn’s credibility (dozens of sources have reported this). As you know, Flynn has likely already flipped. Bad news “bares” for dump and co. (bare pun intended – I just can’t stand the Chitown Bears)”

    Wasn’t MSNBC vomiting this bile on their panels like weeks ago?

    Only a complete fool makes the case Trump obstructed justice. Firing Comey did not hinder or end the investigation.

    Talking about Manafort and Flynn like the noose is closing? Manafort bagged for money laundering a couple of years before Trump even had a campaign and Flynn nailed for a process crime because he couldn’t remember or recall everything. I’ll bet your the type of tool that still thinks Scooter Libby was the one who outed Valerie Plame and that’s why he went to jail.


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