Reporters Take the Cognitive Test Trump Aced

It doesn’t go well.

I’ve had morons on Twitter say the test was for “kindergartners.”

14 Comments on Reporters Take the Cognitive Test Trump Aced

  1. Oh that’s rich. Jim Asscosta, how’d you do? Chuckie, Nan, Mad Max, Backstabbing McCain, Flipper Graham, Faux-cohauntus, or how about obastard or HRC? Well, maybe not HRC; she’d have the test proctor ‘Fosterized’

  2. Looks like within that test group one person may be recoverable. Remove her from the toxic environment she dwells in and there just may be a human in there.

  3. Ah, but a couple of them flipped from disbelief that they didn’t do well to questioning if Trump really passed? Typical. Arrogant. Ignorant.


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