Republicans Introduce Ban of “Rate Increasing Devices” on Guns

Vaguely worded bill can be used to render guns as efficient to use as muskets.


Florida Republican Carlos Curbelo along with 9 other turncoat Republicans introduce the first formal anti-gun law after the tragedy in Las Vegas. It’s also backed by 10 Democrats.

ht/ Bad Brad

18 Comments on Republicans Introduce Ban of “Rate Increasing Devices” on Guns

  1. As I stated, I believe the Vegas shooting was meant to happen under President Hillary Clinton and these bills and her Executive Orders were already written. The plan is going ahead anyway and they dont think Trump can stop them anyway.

  2. I sure do hope they enjoy this term in Congress, I doubt if there will be another. You clowns ought to have read the Foundation Documents before you had any of these brain farts.

  3. “If” we had a leader in the house this bill would never see the light of day. I have absolutely no faith in the present Romney progressive from Wisconsin.

    Ryan capitulated and announced he was shelving the Hearing Protection Act.
    Capitulation is Ryan middle name, whether it’s funding Obamacare, defeating repeal and replace, tax cuts, government spending, reducing the debt, funding abortion, caving to the democrats having an independent investigation on the Russia issue and his anti-gun mind set.

    Remember when he was running as Romney’s VP?? Ryan was for addressing background check loopholes at gun shows until he was against it.

    Not only does he blow with the political winds, he just plain blows.

  4. These are California tactics. Never define anything. This will eventually lead to establishing a separate category for Semi Auto weapons.
    And as far as Trump not saving us, neither is the NRA. Last I heard they embraced the idea of legislating the rate of fire.

  5. The proposal is too vague to be upheld in court. But, they’ll probably pass it anyway – and hopefully without a veto-proof majority.

  6. If our weapons are reduced to the efficiency of muskets, shouldn’t the rights of voters be reduced to land owners??

  7. Again, why not just make murder illegal?

    I don’t know gun stuff, but I’ve always heard that machine guns are easier to make than semi-automatics – like the old “grease gun” and the “sten.”

    So, if criminals want to do criminal shit, and aren’t as fucking dumb as the run-of-the-mill criminals, couldn’t they just make their own?

    Or are lathes and mills gonna be outlawed, too?

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Most of the people involved in these shootings are mentally ill.
    And of course we know which party is made up of deviants and
    the mentally ill.
    No liberals should own guns.

  9. “Most of the people involved in these shootings are mentally ill.”

    Huh? Most? Brad says about 110%. News this morning said he was on anti-depressants – isn’t that kind of a common denominator? We drug the insane and get all surprised, and shit, when they act like insane drugged people? WTF?

    Ain’t no doubt that some people need killin … but shooting into crowds? That’s total fuckin nuts.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. jellybean – Male landowners at that…
    And freedom of the press limited to hand pressed handouts distributed on the town square.


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