RFK Jr. Claims Trump Has Asked Him To Head a “Vaccinations Committee”

RFK Jr. maintains that vaccinations causes autism.

Trump is open to the belief.

Trump is looking into a commission that explores the autism questions/crisis etc.

No comment yet.

There is still some confusion as to what Trump’s intentions are, if he actually asked for such a commission, etc.

Chicago Tribune

28 Comments on RFK Jr. Claims Trump Has Asked Him To Head a “Vaccinations Committee”

  1. “Trump is looking into a commission that explores the autism questions/crisis etc.”

    Billionaires. Each one of them could have done their own studies 5 years ago, all on their own if they really gave a shit about autism.
    so whatever.
    Could just be some ‘pat the Kennedy boy on the teeth and send him off’ , too.

    Anyway, how about throwing some $$$ to switch out the word ALCOHOLISM for KENNEDY in the dictionary, instead?

  2. btw, how come there’s no Farewell Address Bingo?

    … oh, wait …. no one’s watching

    in the immortal words of Emily Litella … “Nevermind”

  3. OT, but really fun. I knew the live chat comments for obama’s farewell speech were going to be interesting. They are! Go to YT where it is livestreaming. You can mute the speech and just watch the comments on the right sidebar.


    You want to hear it. Here’s a tastes, “I,I,I,I,me,me,me,I,me and I. Oh yes, almost forgot, “That’s not who we are.” I just figured out that fuckers had a mouse in his pocket for 8 years.

  5. MJA.
    To ad the one that couldn’t fly a plane isn’t still around. Be interesting to see him age as soon as he hit 50.
    Or was he one of Hillary’s victims? I can’t keep up.

  6. “The only Kennedy I feel sorry for is the sister they gave a lobotomy to”

    She shouldn’t have registered as a Republican. It’s not like she wasn’t warned what would happen.

  7. Hey Donald you want an asshole as advisor? Call me, not a Kennedy.
    If you have a problem call Bad Brad, Joe6pak, or anybody here, but not a Kennedy.

  8. RFK dementedly Jr

    is nonsensical at best

    He has demanded the imprisonment of those who choose not to believe the fiction called ” Global Warming ”

    Yet , never demanded an investigation of his uncle who was without question guilty of


  9. Sometimes when you are building an organization you have to pick up someone who you think is not what you want, so you give that person a job where they cannot get you into trouble. God works in strange ways, and that person can turn into a valuable asset.

  10. Maybe there’s some truth in these allegations. I mean, my own daughter had all her vaccinations, and now she’s very artistic.

    Oh, wait —

  11. From what I understand Ol’ Joe didn’t like the sister running around, she apparently was very promiscuous.
    How’s that tickle your funny-bone folks?

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