Rice Bails On Closed Door Testimony That Was Scheduled For Tomorrow


27 Comments on Rice Bails On Closed Door Testimony That Was Scheduled For Tomorrow

  1. Susan Rice knows that once she is under oath she can only hurt herself. She’s not stupid.
    A lesson to all. If congress calls you simply decline.

  2. Looks like ValJar is still giving marching orders, and Rice is still on that Plantation. She gives black people a bad name, just like that half white dude she worked for.

  3. Drag her ass in front of the committee using a subpheona and a couple of marshals. Make her take the 5th on every damn question they ask. Make her do it in front of the cameras and when the Democrats try to protect her then ask them why they are trying to cover up a criminal offense and whether they have something to hide. This playing like wet bread while the President fights alone will get them destroyed in 2018.

  4. The music has stopped and Susan Rice has no chair. Susan is the dupe. She had better get her emergency exit plan activated real quick. There is clearly no time to dawdle.

  5. Fort Marcy Park is currently closed and blocked off.
    The Park Ranger says they’ve been tipped to expect ” a VIP visitor…soon”.

  6. @Zonga yes, but when Holder flipped them the bird, Trump was not POTUS.

    Elections have consequences.

    Practically speaking, there is no Statute Of Limitations for Treason charges.

  7. Sweaty Thumb is saying the Mueller Inquisition is trying pin some Russian Troll shenanigans on Jared Kushner, so maybe Rice is stonewalling to see if that squirrel misdirects Congressional investigators away from her. Or more likely she’s just a devious bitch, and Sweaty Thumb is just trying to kick the Nevertrump football again.

    Oh yeah…Sweaty T also says all the leaks are not coming from his friends in the deep state; They’re COMING FROM INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE! Pardon me if I laugh at the guy who urged everybody to vote for Even McMullin.

  8. Too bad Valerie isn’t president anymore. She could pardon Rice and Rice could move to Benghazi and try to…………………grow rice.

  9. Hi Mr. Saltine. We need you to come before the Senate and tell us all you know about the unmasking of Trumps team and how you did it in 2016.
    Bite me.
    Mr. Saltine you will now spend some time in jail until you can recall who gave you the order to unmask the Trump team.
    This is all it will take, and they need to do it.
    Pick up Rice and put her in jail and go from there.

  10. The Rat Fink :
    “Why the Hell is it HER choice??”

    It’s an old trick. Volunteer to testify to avoid a subpoena and schedule a far-off date. Then, at the 11th hour before testifying, drop out. The repubs will be caught off-guard and by the time they get around to subpoenaing her it will be a year from now when she testifies, if ever. By then, the idiots in congress will have lost interest.

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