Rick Perry on Dancing With the Stars

Hey, who am I to judge? I think he did grea… aw hell. He sucked. But that’s okay. He had fun and he showed a lot of moxie… awkward, stiff moxie.

(Truth be told, if all of a sudden he got up and did this at a wedding I’d be all, “holy crap, Rick Perry can dance.”

But make a big production out of it, with a huge audience rapt with anticipation, lights and glitter and suddenly it’s a pile of sh!t. That’s the way it goes.)

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  1. well, it beats the romney / holyfield pat-a-cake match

    but really, why can’t these politicians sit down, shut up, stop the glitzy nonsense and use their energy to stop the obama madness

    i’m sick of all of them

  2. That was a great video. It wouldn’t have been as good had it not been for the pre – show that showed that he took a couple of lessons, mainly so he could do the father daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding. I took 3 or 4 lessons 3 years ago so I could brush up on the 2 step so I could dance to “That’s my Daughter in the Water” by Loudon Wainwright. The band my daughter hired learned the song so we could dance to it. I can relate. The 2 step with a couple of spins doesn’t come natural. None of that stuff does.

  3. Eugenia that a great video too. Tom Delay was dancing the Cha Cha but the Cha Cha and the 2 step are exactly the same. Slow slow quick quick slow. Until you try to do it it looks all too easy without an instructor and practice.

  4. I don’t tolerate RINO fools. Don’t care if he’s learning to dance for daughter’s wedding. Ever heard of private lessons, not ones required for national tv, while being a suck up to liberals, umm, Ricky?

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