Robert Mueller Appoints Special Prosecutor To Investigate Robert Mueller’s Conflicts Of Interest

Middle Finger News Service –  Among calls of foul by the president and some on the right of the Robert Mueller investigation’s ties and shady practices, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has appointed himself Special Prosecutor to investigate Robert Mueller’s suspected Conflicts Of Interest. This shocking news should put to rest all the rumors that Donald Trump would fire Mueller or that Mueller would be forced to resign.

By appointing himself to investigate himself, Robert Mueller has quelled with finality all the calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the high level corruption at the Department of Justice, F.I.B F.B.I., and the conflicts of interest by so many at the Special Counsel’s Office as well as questions of conflict swirling around the massive investigation of President Donald J. Trump, at public expense,  by Robert Mueller.  read more

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  1. I’m betting 1000 IOTWR bucks that after appointing himself to investigate himself, Robert Mueller will find that he himself has committed no wrongdoing, and himself will be totally exonerated and deserving of an apology from Robert Mueller for even having presumed to investigate himself.

    Any takers?


  2. MS13 has called for an investigation to halt deportations of its members.

    Robert Mueller will investigate if Jeff Sessions should have recused himself from his position as Attorney General in January 2017 rendering all actions against illegal, murderous MS13 gang members null and void.

    Breaking — The 9th circuit court will hear Mueller’s arguments in favor of MS13.

  3. “…hasn’t Q Anon been quiet since Christmas?”

    Yeah, that guy. The one that had a dozen high level government employees indicted and prosecuted. Or was he the one pointed out a conspiracy that got a few government employees arrested?

    Or is he the one been dropping veiled hints something terrible is happening, something dire, something going on for more than than three years that absolutely nothing has been done about, much less proved?

    That Q Anon? Just making sure it’s the same guy.

  4. Yeah, that’s the guy. Anyway even if he is completely out of his mind nuts, the story line is great. There isn’t a fiction writer out there that isn’t jealous of the story. Is it true? Who the hell knows. I’m waiting for the next episode though.

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