Royals Invite The Obamas To Their Wedding

The upcoming wedding of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle is off to a controversial start as the royal couple have invited the Obamas to attend the ceremony. Some in their government fear further antagonizing the sitting president and request the invitation be withdrawn before the leader of the free world has a chance to tweet his displeasure.  More

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  1. Something tells me that President Trump isn’t impressed with “royalty” in the first place. This will be an opportunity for Trump to have something to say on the subject.

  2. Thank you, Wambam. I was about to say that.
    I guess the divorcee (as I read some snooty British calling her) didn’t want her mom to feel left out.

    I wish they invite the President and he declines!

  3. Meghan wants another Oreo at her wedding. I wonder how long how she’ll survive in the Royal family atmosphere. Diane and Fergie had more class than Meghan and neither one of them survived. I have my doubts on this arrangement for sure.

  4. I am sure most of the royal family
    and all their entourage think this
    girl is a commoner tramp…
    I would not want to be her.

  5. Oh God. The racists are having a field day that this VERY WHITE LOOKING black woman is getting married to a GINGER that looks nothing like his mother or father.

  6. She has taken control of Prince Harry, she wouldn’t let him go on the royal hunting trip yesterday. Evidently, it is a “Boxing Day” tradition. Blah, who cares.

  7. OK It’s a Royal snub.
    They are saying: “We wish Barry was still President”
    STFU and go back to whatever Useless Celebrities and Posing dregs of an old inbred Bloodline are doing this season.

  8. Harry has greatly fallen in my estimation since his days fighting against islime in Afghanistan. The young Royals seem to lavish in the lies of Barry FaKe Name Obama. They have bought into fame over substance. What a shame Harry chooses to impress and indulge his future bride who apparently is one of the air-headed leftist wannabees. Fine, make your country even more a looser land than it is. What a shame. More power to America. MAGA!

  9. Prince Harry is not a world leader, as many would like to pretend. He was born into royalty, but his chances of ever attaining the throne are next to nil and his primary job is attending funerals and the openings of new Walmarts or whatever equivalent the UK has. He also travels around and eats fancy dinners. America has Disneyland and Disney world for its imaginary princes and princess; the UK has the royal family for its own entertainment and fantasy.

    Prince Harry gets along with Obama, so he wants to invite him to his wedding. Go for it – I doubt Trump cares that much and it reinforces the concept that this is a tabloid affair rather than an important political function. The UK government knows that Trump cannot be ignored or marginalized, but Harry’s marriage can and should be.

  10. Thank God I am an American and therefore officially granted the right to not care at all what British royalty (or any royalty anywhere) does or has to say about anything. I even had a college professor who happened to be a democrat go on a proud lecture once to the class about why AMERICANS DO NOT BOW to any royal anyone ever. I wish my old prof could have spoken to barky before he embarrassed us around the world.

  11. It’s a mistake Meghan; Barry will make the wedding all about Him.

    Trump’s take: “Oh well; it’s just one of hundreds of weddings I won’t be invited to.”

  12. So they are inviting the same Barry Obama who’s first act upon taking office was to send back to England, the bust of Winston Churchill? That Barry Obama?

  13. Little Harry Windsor and his half black African bride want an African Mau Mau witch doctor to present the wedding incantation, hence Obutthole was chosen!

  14. This should be rich, a royal groom, of indeterminate birth, inviting an American Kang, of indeterminate birth.
    Are they giving away DNA test kits as party favours?

  15. Harry is Diana’s revenge on the British Royal family. Sired by James Hewit, he is marrying a high yellow American divorcee. All I can say is I hope William and Kate have lots of children who then also have lots of children so that any mutant offspring of the mongrels Harry and Megan never usurp the throne.

  16. The Queen can’t be thrilled. I seem to recall her not liking the 0bamas, and after their gauche displays of provincialism in her presence, I don’t blame her.

  17. @Harvey McHarvey: actually, he looks EXACTLY like his father. Google an image of James Hewitt who was Diana’s lover. Dead ringers those two are. Born on the wrong side of the blanket that one was. Prince Charles, Chuck the Cuck.

  18. Remember, the donger went right up and hugged the Queen

    (old habits and all) which is taboo…and as Taxpayer noted

    gave her a CD of all his speeches…Both their Mothers were

    whores, and neither knows the ID of their real Dad….

  19. Of course the “Royals” invited Barry and Mooch to the Harry and Meghan wedding. The British Empire have used despots as props for centuries. Doubt this Hollyweird scripted marriage lasts. President Trump is putting America first. He doesn’t have to bow to Britian, especially at a wedding.

  20. Who was the last black person a royal married?

    Barry met Harry on his injured British troop charity. Obama just likes seeing the severely injured colonialists who enslaved his Kenyan ancestors.

    Been watching the BBC most of the day and they’ve been licking Obama’s ass every 15 minutes. Having tried British food before, I can semi-understand their preference.

  21. Val December 27, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I just remembered when the Obamas went to the palace. Michelle and her naked arms and Barry toasting away during the national anthem! LOL!!


    Oh that was painful to watch! So glad that devil is no longer President. I’m pretty sure Obummer and the Mooch will do something to embarrass themselves instead of all the American people. I’m so happy they no longer represent our wonderful country!

  22. Goldenfoxx, At the time I was embarrassed watching, but nowadays I’m so over and this Harry boy got on my nerves that I couldn’t help but laugh re-watching it. I lost it when 0bama started talking louder invoking Shakespeare and all!

  23. Another opportunity for Barry to give another member of the royal family an iPod filled with his favorite speeches. With ones wherein he trashed Americs on foreign soil in the most played list.

  24. Harry is the shit stain in the Royal Family’s underwear and everyone knows it, especially the Queen. He not even half the man his brother is. So who is that skank he’s marrying anyway some porn star? I’ve never heard of her.

  25. Some choose to marry in Vegas with a fake Elvis looking on.
    They invited a fake President who’ll tote his fake woman. (will they pay for separate flights?!)

    In a world where nothing provokes, you gotta really reach.
    I personally wouldn’t touch any food or drink after Barky n Mooch show up.

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