Rubio has some regrets about tax bill

Pacific Pundit: Thirsty for attention, little Marco Rubio is sucking up to liberal media outfits again, telling them he has regrets about voting for the tax bill.

The GOP tax bill “probably went too far” in helping corporations, Sen. Marco Rubio told Florida’s News-Press in a recent interview published Friday.

Asked for his overall view of the legislation —which the Florida Republican voted for and Mr. Trump signed into law last week — Rubio said the bill would have looked different if he were “king for a day.” The legislation “probably” gave too much in benefits to corporations, he said, but noted the new law doubles the Child Tax Credit and is significantly better than the previous tax code.

Rubio and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, had suggested a corporate tax rate of 22 percent instead of the originally proposed 20 percent, in order to increase the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 per child, and Rubio threatened to vote against the bill if the Child Tax Credit didn’t improve. The final legislation left the new corporate tax rate at 21 percent, down from the previous rate of 35 percent, and increased the Child Tax Credit to $2,000 per child, per year.  more here

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  1. Corporations do not really pay taxes – their customers do. A tax is a cost, and that cost will either be passed on to the customer through higher prices, or the corporation will go out of business. Ultimately, real people pay all of the taxes imposed – either directly or through higher costs.

    Progressives like Bernie Sanders know this, and in promoting higher corporate taxes are lying to the American people. The reason for the lie is that corporations do not vote while real people do, and therefore high taxes must be disguised so that the voters think they are getting off the hook.

  2. The little gang of eight Marco has no regrets about helping illegal foreign invaders rob U.S. taxpayers via the child tax credit he caused to be expanded in the new tax bill!

  3. I cannot say how happy I am that every single GOP senator came together to pass this bill. I know some were on the fence. I know we have a lot of RINOs. But every single one voted to pass this bill, and we only had 2 to spare. It isn’t the best, but they got it through under very difficult circumstances, and Rubio’s comments just emphasize that.
    I know McCain didn’t vote, but he expressed his willingness to vote for the bill.

  4. Fidel C@

    Right, we let a beaner like Rubio in and the first thing he wants to do is let every beaner in the Western Hemisphere move here lock, stock, and barrel and to be supported by the abused and misused American taxpayer!



    They just try to get their name in the news as often as possible, and the only way to get to the front of the line is bashing their own party. The news media will always cut out a segment to fit that in.

  6. Had a customer ask me once how I make any money when the material prices for construction keeps going up. I was honest and told him, I charge you more.

  7. Does he have any regrets for running for office for which is not qualified? defrauding the people who contributed to his campaign, am impersonating a natural born citizen? he really should be prosecuted for those offenses. but Jeff “fast asleep” Sessions may never get around to it.

  8. “Corporations do not really pay taxes – their customers do.”

    This is true. However if my market is based off of discretionary spending, and I need to increase the cost to the consumer to cover my tax liability I will see diminishing sales/returns. Marco’s sharp as a marble. Harley sales should go thru the roof. By stock.

  9. He just got re-elected.
    At least, he cancels out Bill Nelson most of the time, giving us in Florida a net zero rather than two far left democrat votes.

  10. @Left Coast Dan

    Agreed. I expected an obstructionist in the Senate, but not Rubio. He doesn’t have the clout, for he is forever Little Marco.

    I think Trump moved them. They couldn’t endure another failure. There is very nasty stuff coming.

  11. Why isn’t that fag photo of Rubio playing “Marco Homo” with a bunch of wet pole smokers plastered all over the place?

  12. We have several regrets about the whole collection of “gang of 8” pukes – too bad they’re not in the same shape as McLame – old & sick & near death.


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