Sacramento, CA: Taxi Drivers Must Speak English


New Regulations Bring English-Only Requirement To Sacramento Taxicabs

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New regulations passed by the Sacramento City Council will require taxi drivers in Sacramento to speak English.

Raheem doesn’t speak much English, but he says he’s good at his job driving a cab in Sacramento for years. He fears he may soon be out of a job.

The City Council passed new rules requiring drivers have proof of basic English skills, as well as making sure cars are eight years old or newer and that drivers wear professional clothing. The last requirement is a change from the proposed ordinance that required them to be hygienically clean.

Kazman Zaidi is the president of the Sacramento Taxicab Union, which denounced the new regulations.

“Maybe they can’t read English, but they can understand, and they can answer the question and where the customer need to go,” he said.

He estimates more than 100 of the 500 or so drivers in the area may not be able to pass the test, but says they are still good drivers.

“If they don’t pass this English test, they have to lose their job, you know?” he said. “And they will be out of business.”

Not all of the taxicab associations objected to the regulations.

Sacramento City Revenue Manager Brad Wasson says the new requirements are in a response to complaints from customers.


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11 Comments on Sacramento, CA: Taxi Drivers Must Speak English

  1. I predict the driver’s union will in
    fact execute the “Conyers Maneuver”. Find
    a sympathetic (aka liberal) judge to overturn
    this. Seeing as how it’s California it shouldn’t
    be too hard.

  2. They seriously need to do this in New York.

    The Spanish-speaking gypsy cabbies are the absolute worst.

    “121 East 60th, seis zero, Street, in Manhattan.” (Border of midtown and Upper East Side).

    So the sucker tries to ditch me in East Harlem (60 East 121st Street).

    “No, Senor, seis zero es el numero de la calle. Uno dos uno es el numero de la casa.”

    He still doesn’t get it. I write down the address on a slip of paper. No se. Finally I flag down a Spanish-speaking cop, who explains to him where I want to go, and only then do we proceed to my destination.

    Another guy, when told to take Webster Avenue, asked, “Donde es Wayster Avenida?” For those of you not familiar with The Bronx, driving a cab there and not knowing where Webster Avenue is is kind of like driving a cab in Manhattan and not knowing where Broadway is.

    I also have a slew of “Exit 4 off the Deegan” misfires, but I’m afraid they’d devolve into a series of in-jokes, understood only by Fur.

  3. I’ve never been in a taxi. Always had my own car. Just assumed they would speak English. If I was in France I would assume they would speak French. Is it just me or am I just assuming too much?

  4. Just require all taxi drivers to be white, native born, American citizens. Problem, along with many other problems, solved. God I’d love to see that lol.

  5. Any language is easy if your born in the country. Let’s stop importing all these damn foreigners. We need to set a limit. Or.
    Every time a new one comes in,a liberal must leave,for good.


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