Professor hates pomegranates and doesn’t want them anywhere near her classroom.

It’s as if they are Ben Shapiro.

ht/ JS and Petrus

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  1. This delicate morsel needs some help. I think sending pomegranates to her in Des Moines, Iowa might calm her down.

  2. I’m going to take it for granate that she was assaulted by one of those fruits in her youth and it left its seeds of hatred inside her.


  3. Maybe her real name is Persephone and she paid a high price for being tricked into eating 6 pomegranate seeds by her husband, Hades. Does she disappears six months out of the year, too?

    No? Then maybe she’s afraid she’ll get preggers from all that fertility around her.

    Or maybe a third option: She’s not right in the head.

    Great thing to record about your professor. Proof of her being unreasonable can go a long way in any grievance you may have with her.

  4. I would hate to be paying for that class to hear that crap from the instructor.

    what type of tent was she wearing it looked very roomy. 6 man tent ?

  5. I would have been the kid that made sure she had a pomegranate in her purse, on her car, in her desk drawers, strategically placed where she regularly walked etc.

  6. Wambam October 13, 2017 at 9:41 am

    This delicate morsel needs some help. I think sending pomegranates to her in Des Moines, Iowa might calm her down.

    PHenry October 13, 2017 at 9:47 am

    One of those kids needs to push her right over the edge by placing a nice pomegranate on her desk.

    OHH, She definitely called for The Streisand Effect to come into play.

    Oh, THIS bothers you in a great and unreasonable way? Thanks! Time to promote a pomegranates in the lunchroom and snack machines. Plant a Pom tree on campus. Start of petition to have “Pomegranate week” on campus. Something. Endless possibilities. Triggered!

  7. All psychologists and psychiatrists (voodoo doctors) are crazy! That’s why they become Psychologists and Psychiatrists (snake oil salesmen) so that they can determine what crazy is (which does not include themselves)! What a racket they have invented! We allow these crazy people to determine the undeterminable and allow them to prescribe expensive mind-altering medications, and give useless therapy while getting filthy rich while doing so! They should be banned by law from practicing their phony, pseudo head doctor scam! Society at large has been harmed more by Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and social workers than all other occupations combined!

  8. Oranges split, apples crumble, the best thing for a fruit sap is a pomegranate, well a coconut is good too, you gotta have a big foot sock.

  9. I totally agree with her. Have you seen how many seeds are in just one pomegranate? If the seeds of every pomegranate was allowed to come to fruition there would be no room for any other life on the planet. We must all join her crusade.

  10. Thanks PHenry.

    As I watched the video, I realized it was a teaching tool that she was using to demonstrate a concept her students would never forget. You confirmed it for me.

  11. What the fuck! It breaks my heart to see all those kids that have been so beaten down with indoctrination and pc that not ONE can stand up and say, fuck you, you insane butt fugly cunt and walk out.

  12. Uh, guys it was a teaching method as described in two of the links here. I’ve had teachers that have done similar things, who’ve taken ridulous positions and defended them until the students were in an uproar. Never with fruit though, that’s a new one. Did get us to actually think about what point they were trying to get across.

  13. @ scr_north

    Exactly. My principal once walked in on me when I was throwing Pop-iT toys across the room to my second graders. I was teaching expanded notation of two digit numbers. They learned the concept immediately and didn’t forget the terminology nor the concept -even the slower students. Current thought and teachers’ manuals said that those math terms were too advanced for that age group. bs

    The only critique from the nun was not to sit on my desk. (My feet were hurting.) 🙂

  14. Maybe she has something against keeping prostate cancer at bay, because pomegranates work wonders against prostate cancer. Maybe she’s sublimating her hatred for men’s prostates.

    I’ll bet that’s it. She hasn’t had a nice prostate-seminal injection in forty years and she’s resentful

  15. RottyLover, I was thinking the exact same thing as you after listening to this bat shit crazy crunt… I promise you, I’d be like, soooo, what you’re saying is pomegranates are ok in class then? Cool…

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