Saying “I Love Boobs” on CNN is the new Baba Booey

Here’s the reason people are trolling CNN.

17 Comments on Saying “I Love Boobs” on CNN is the new Baba Booey

  1. I am really old I guess. Boobs are ok. Butt. I love other things.
    All weapons
    High lumen flashlights. I would have killed for a 1000 lumen flashlight in the 50’s.
    I also love roku. Can’t believe I do. But you tube is amazing on the big screen.
    I don’t care to watch what the liberals want me to watch. (trending no thanks) I search for old documentaries
    From the 60’s and before. Black and white only.
    How vacuum tubes are/were made. Hand assembled. I had no idea.
    Old declassified military films.

  2. That pathetic little twink makes my skin crawl.
    Don’t go and get AIDS Don, I’d hate to hear that.

  3. What a touch of class CNN brings to airports and waiting rooms around the world. Or is is a clutch of Tass.

  4. This is Cocksucking Ngr Network, today with mandatory on air drug abuse!

    “We now go live to our bestiality reporter in the Los Angeles suburb of Nambla City and its New Year’s Pedophile Parade and Baal Celebration.”

  5. @I’m not PC
    Dang, we must be twins separated at birth. I thought I was the only one with that kind of viewing line-up on youtube.
    Also anything warbirds, cars, and history.

  6. Anderson Queerper is looking more and more like Howdy Doody. His make-up is in place, his head bobbles, and he’s got his rap down but it’s all happy, wooden and scripted.
    Perversity Diversity seems to be CNN’s model.

  7. I haven’t watched CNN since Desert Storm. Hard for me to believe that they are still on the air. If people would not watch fake news, real news would take it’s place. Sad commentary on the ignorant electorate. It’s almost as if they want to stay stupid and brainwashed.


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