Schumer Shutdown Imminent As Dems Vote Against Short Term Spending Bill


Shutdown Now All but Certain as Senate Rejects a Short-Term Spending Bill.

Last-ditch talks between Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer failed to yield deal after House passed one-month spending bill.

Truth Revolt-

With a government shutdown pending, Democrats are showing us that their true loyalties lie with protecting illegal aliens first and American citizens second. But it wasn’t always this way.

In the 1990s, the Democratic Party sounded more like the Republican Party today. TruthRevolt already posted one flashback to 1993 when Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer fiercely argued to enforce the U.S. southern border using similar language as their sworn enemy, President Trump.


10 Comments on Schumer Shutdown Imminent As Dems Vote Against Short Term Spending Bill

  1. The media will try to spin this as the Republicans fault, but, to steal a dumbass leftist term, there are too many people “woke” to their lies and realize this is all on the (D)umbs. They’d rather not pay our military for a bunch of illegals…..

  2. I just cannot conjure up the tears.

    If government controlled the rising of the sun I would be worried.

    But that’s God’s job. He might have a little more power than the limp dicks in DC.

  3. SCHUMER met with DJT. Some report DJT instilled the fear of God in him. Even though Chucky has no God. Except for that green shit. Interestingly enough Chucky was no where to be found. Dickless Durbin was front and center. Q.

  4. This moron is on FNC trying to blame the shutdown on a Trump.
    Man up Chuckles. You own the shut down. I can only hope the citizens understand that, and hold you responsible.

  5. There are only a few phuck-faced liberals on this planet that make me lower my civility to their own level of depravity and that most certainly includes this obnoxious, lying muther-fucker!


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