SCOTTeVEST Scott Jordan apologizes

I guess the blow-back was

too much for the Liberal moron! I do not believe his apology is sincere. I’m still boycotting his product/company.

When he advertises a concealed carry vest I’ll believe his apology.



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43 Comments on SCOTTeVEST Scott Jordan apologizes

  1. Wonder if he makes one big enough for Michelle? She likes to carry a spare full rack of ribs when she’s out on the town.

  2. Nope, Nope, NOPE!!! You are NOT sorry! Don’t believe you. I need to see your 2018 sales off by 50% or more, then you might begin to be sorry.

  3. Ditto everyone else’s thoughts re him and the horse he rode in on. In all honesty though, I have fantasized about making a load off the loony left. Butthurt balm advertised on MSNBC, safe space signs sold on campus, Obama’s taint aroma therapy candles, etc. etc. advertised on HuffPo.

  4. “Without my customers, I am nothing”- what? No, it just means your company will go broke. He wasn’t trying to be funny, he was being arrogant and didn’t understand the demographic composition of his voter base.

    Brad Thor should take note……………….

  5. Fuck you too Scotty. You deleted the post, but not the memory of it. We know how you think; so fuck you and your product.

  6. It’s not like Alec Baldwin donating every penny from SNL he earned for disrespecting President Trump. How about I’d believe he was sorry if he donated say 25% of all profits for 3 months to wounded warriors!

  7. Idiots like Scott Jordan seem to never learn. They come out with a good product then opine ignorant bullshit to piss off the populace. SJ deserves his fall from grace. I hope to hear of him in bankruptcy court soon.
    Rule one of retailing. Sell the product and STFU.

  8. “insensitive”
    The catch-all word for Leftists who want to sorry-not-sorry “apologize.”

    I’ll remember that the next time I even consider looking at his merch (likelihood: 0%).

  9. I will never buy is make in Pakistan shit . But I did call the company to tell them that he CEO for a piss of shit , that I will make sure to spread this news so he can go bankrupt soon.866-909-8378

  10. Your apology is fake. Assholes like you are never sorry for anything. I am a vest wearing man, but I won’t ever wear yours.
    Shove it up your phony apology ass.

  11. ScotteVest – One stop shop for thieves.

    “Why waste time searchn the cracka when I can get tha shit jus by takin his vest”. Dindu Nuthin

  12. Who did he think was buying his vest. Welfare recipients, college students going to social engineering classes, libtards blogging in their basement waiting for mom to tell them the hotpockets are ready?

    No dumbass, it’s working men and women who usually are conservative. I’m pretty sure the only liberals that were customers were nature photographers or backpackers.

    May you go broke by a thousand cuts in sales.

  13. For him say he is advertising to the gullible and stupid, tells me he’s admitting to peddling a worthless product.

  14. Nope.

    I’ll continue to wear my old SEV jacket but ain’t no way you’re going to unring that bell. Congratulations on lowering your own sales.

  15. Screw him. I had never even heard of his stupid product but now I’ll be sure never to buy his label. We happened to pass Camping World last weekend and commented what a sh*thole. I don’t forget.

  16. Thanks, Bob, for posting his company phone number for those who want to pile on the old fashioned way. The coward scrubbed most of the negative comments from his FB page, where I left one a couple days ago. Hope this guy feels the pain of his anti-Americanism.

  17. Looked at the website for the first time in almost 10 years. I think I paid around $70 for mine, a lot but it’s held up and is useful.

    The stuff he’s selling now is NOT worth what he’s charging. No way, no how. Expect major clearance sales in the near future.

  18. Just left a message on their company vm. You can also email him at

    His twitter account is a real eye-popper. The guy absolutely HATES the president. This asshat was born/raised in Ketchum, ID, if that gives you a clue. Insular shithead going through mid life crises trying to look like a 40 year old with his porcelain enamelware smile.

    Call him, email him. He deserves all of it.

    As for being sorry. Of course not. He’s sorry he got caught. The guy writes like a freaking 17 year-old. Look at his twitter posts.

  19. 🔴 “FUCKING IDIOTS” 🔴

    I remember Mark Zuckerberg saying the same thing about his customers, however, he was right. Giving a stranger all your personal information, photos, high school, likes is pretty stupid. –and he wasn’t joking either.

  20. My email.


    I bought my first SEV jacket about 10 years ago as a ‘dad jacket’ when my first was born. It has held up fine even though I have worn it almost daily at work. It will wear out eventually and when it does, please know that I will find a comparable jacket sold by someone who doesn’t hate me, and give that person my money.

    Mr. Jordan is entitled to his political views but he stupidly insulted millions of Americans, including me. He meant exactly what he said the first time so I neither believe nor accept his apology.

    I feel sorry for the people whose livelihoods depend on SEV, people who may suffer if your sales drop because of this. Blame your boss.

    [signed with my name],

    a customer from about 10 years ago (look me up, I bought a black Long Tall jacket while living in Ohio), now in North Carolina”

  21. It does all looks metrosexual now. Didn’t when he started out. My jacket has the same basic outline as a Dickies type shop jacket, which is why I liked it.

    If it starts to hurt his sales, I’d bet leftists will rally and buy from him just out of spite, a thumb in the eye to conservatives.

  22. The good news is this will hurt his sales.

    @Grool, the Left won’t step in and buy his overpriced product to express solidarity.
    They only talk. They rarely spend.
    And living on Vegan Ramen in mommy’ s basement, the Left doesn’t have the funds.

    The Obama people had to drop their “suggested donation” to $3, and they still had a tough time scraping any money out of the Antifa/Occupy crowd.

  23. HA. He started it. No, he’s not sorry. Time for a new marketing campaign to target his dream clientele, Rage Boy, Soy Boy, Pajama Boy, and anyone on the list of stupid liberals. None of which has the secure income base of conservatives. Joke is on Elite Boy, Scotty.

  24. Here’s Jordan’s thinking:

    “They’re so stupid, they’ll probably fall for it. And if they don’t forgive me, then they’re not Christians! Typical.”

  25. I assumed that he just went off his psych meds, but if I may draw your attention to this “review” of his book by a man in his Idaho town that is somewhat uncomplimentary from 2014.

    Scott Jordan admits the BEST parts of himself are the women in his life. A blowhard like Scott would do better for this world by getting a sex change. This book is a piece of crap. Having been a marketing and advertising professional for almost 30 years with some of the world’s top ad agencies, I can tell you that the content in this piece of trash is worthless. I’m pissed I spent even $0.99 on this waste of pixels on my phone and iPad. Scott is a two-faced manipulative waste of skin who treats honorable people in his local community like the refuse from his poodles’ rear ends. And he thinks he deserves to get away with it. So don’t waste your time and money on this book. Tell all your friends to do the same.

  26. Was looking at your vests and found out from you that you are a liberal ahole. No longer interested in scott vest

  27. Funny thing is that I had never heard of his product until this story broke. Now I am seeing his ads on many of the conservative sites I visit.

  28. I wrote them a letter with my own “joke” which was a comany owner told a joke that pissed off half to demographics and more when adjusted for those who can afford his wares. The punchline was massive loss of sales.

    I got a e-mail back from Dom “Director of Customer Service”. I replied by thanking him for the nice e-mail but told him to work on his resume because the damage has been done and it seems to me that Scotty will lash out at the “Director of Customer Service” before the ship sinks entirely.

  29. Fuck you Scott Jordan. That bullshit apology means nothing. You are just sorry you got caught ass-fuck. Go fuck yourself shit for brains. These arrogant fucks on the left seem to think they are smarter than everyone else. Yet, when you actually try to engage a brain dead fuckwad like Scott Jordan they can’t string two logical sentences together. Liberalism is a lie. And fucktards like Scott Jordan are the ones who push it. It was the fuck heads like Scott Jordan that ushered in historical greats such as the Nazis. What a fucking idiot, Scott Jordan.

  30. Scottevest makes plastic, poorly fitting, uncomfortable clothing and has awful customer service, especially for returns. At least that is my personal experience. As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t buy anything from this company ever again and wouldn’t mind discovering they went out of business entirely.

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