See This Guy? He’s On Disability


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It is so easy to qualify for disability that a growing number of Americans are retiring in their 20s. This is how the Obama Regime is able to keep the official unemployment rate low even while the workforce participation rate declines. Only people who are looking for work count as unemployed. Why look for a job when the government will pay you to stay idle?

It isn’t a system of government. It is a looting spree.

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  1. My sister had a renter on disability. Some mild skin condition that was unnoticeable. A touch of rosacea. She cleaned houses under the table and trained for a triathlon at age 52.

  2. I’m starting to get a little bit bitter about the way things are going. It’s tough to say when we will reach a tipping point, but you have to hope we are getting close.

  3. This clown makes 41k a year on the dole.
    Another makes $82,069 annually.

    Time to burn this shit to the ground, hence the popularity of a certain individual…
    All I can say is that he better have a flame thrower with a Hindenburg full of hydrogen.

  4. As sad as this is, I am fortunate enough to know this is the exception to the rule. I have disabilities which keep me from working. Let’s just say, as to not get too personal, I didn’t win the genetic lottery. I paid into social security for 25 years, maxing out for more than 20 of those years. I have spent a fortune on health care, not able to work, and have been denied all the way through my appeals process. Needless to say, stories like these infuriate me. So many abuses of the system and yet people who have worked hard their whole life get denied. What they need to do, is have severe penalties if people are caught, enough so that the deterrent would outweigh the benefit. Thank God, I always lived frugally and put away for the rainy day, so I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a decent internet connection.

  5. This has been going on for years. Long before oblowme was born. Every now and again the Daily News or the NY Post will do an “expose” on this stuff. They also attack excessive overtime by school janitors, bus drivers, sanitation men, and so forth. It blows over after a while and all goes back to the same old, same old Some years ago there was a big hoopla when a fireman, out on disability with a bad back, made headlines when he ran to the top of the Empire State Building.

    Hey, the City awarded the family of Eric Holder 6 million smackeroos when he died of a heart attack while resisting arrest

    Just sayin.’.

  6. Mrs. Cracker works as a sign language interpreter for deaf people. The deaf have their own culture and insist they aren’t disabled, can do everything a hearing person can do, even openly use the term, “stupid hearing people,” yet they are first in line to collect their social security disability check.

  7. SSI/SSDI is scheduled to go broke this year. Expect the Looter-in-Chief and his crew Ryan and McConnell to engineer a “crisis” requiring a middle of the night deal to take more of our money.

  8. You are articulate, not devoid of intelligence, have a roof over your head and an internet connection.
    While you may not be in the position to do exactly what you want to do (most people don’t fall into that category) you have the tools at your disposal to be productive.
    If you choose not to be productive it is neither the fault of your disability nor the system. You can find it in the mirror.
    Losses of abilities, family, property, etc… can drag a person down, it is true.
    However, you owe it to yourself and those you care for to transcend the difficulty.

  9. Funny, I forgot about disabilawords and me. I’m nearing 50, haven’t worked since before I was 40 and apparently, I no longer qualify for disabilawords because I no longer pay into the system.

    SO, how are all these goofs getting disabilawords?

  10. Please know that this isn’t about you, or any of the other legitimate disability recipients – it’s about the parasites who milk the system to their advantage. Welfare and disability are there for a reason – to help our fellow man. We must not lose sight of this fact just because of a few scumbags such as these.

  11. I see he has that awful disease people of his weight lifting type have: nodickulitus. Debilitating condition.

  12. @old_oaks: Let me guess, you’re a cisgender heteronormative white male. That’s probably why you don’t know the answer.

  13. “starting to get a little bitter….”

    It sure can get to you, no doubt about that. But I love what I do so much, I just never would want to sit on my ass and collect free money.

    PS, it’s not really free.

    I have an old friend up in Montana that over 20 years ago qualified for disability because of a leaky furnace. It was replaced free, she got well and has continued to collect. The problem here is she can’t make any above board money so during the usually most productive years of ones’ life, she has limited herself to menial jobs. It’s disgraceful. What a GD waste just for $700 or so a month.

    But these guys above that can get other full time jobs or competitively compete in bodybuilding while collecting disability is unreal.

    Our country is dead I’m convinced. Honor? Don’t make me laugh. Personal pride in what you make of yourself?? Long fucking gone. What kind of life is spent amassing jet skis and carib vacas? Rationalize it all you want by saying, hey if the “other” guy…blahblahblah but you nothing more then a parasite.

  14. He looks like a circus freak.
    Why would someone want to look like that?
    He must not have a very good education.
    I can’t see an intellectual wasting their time to do this.
    Look at me I’m a freak.

  15. This is not the exception to the rule since Barry took the helm. He’s created a whole new industry for ambulance chasing attorneys. More redistribution of wealth. There’s people that need this saftey net and the asshole in charge has turned it into another obomanation. I believe there was a Brett Baer special on this about two years ago.

  16. This is the Left’s way to crash the system. They are trying very hard to disable this once-great nation.

    People who get caught milking the system should be locked up in prison. But the problem with that is that it would cost the taxpayers even more money to incarcerate them. Deport them, maybe, to Kenya – where that lazy shitstain 0bama came from.


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