Sen. Flake is so camera hungry, he might rival Chuck Schumer

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12 Comments on Sen. Flake is so camera hungry, he might rival Chuck Schumer

  1. So was Senator Flake born with his nose bent out of shape or did someone do it for him?

    If President were truly Stalin, Flake would have disappeared by now and his image photo shopped out of existence. Hmmm, if only…

  2. The Left and Democrats are quick to call people Stalin and Hitler, yet they are most closely aligned with those totalitarian socialists. A case of projection.

  3. It’s beyond description what a worthless, traitorous, cockgobbling piece of shit Flake really is. If Trump was really like Stalin, Flake would’ve been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by now, along with his immediate family as well. What a fucking completely asshole-ish thing to spew. Notice that he said it in the Senate chambers, using the old Harry Reid trick to avoid getting sued for blatant slander.

  4. I suggest a contest…We all contribute $50 each…Then draw

    names out of a hat….the Winner gets to travel to AZ

    and bend Flakes Nose the other way….


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