Senate Judiciary Committee Invites Russian Uranium One FBI Informant To Testify

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has sent a letter to the lawyer representing the FBI informant in the Uranium One bribery investigation to appear before the committee.

The informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, has stated that the letter  “sets up a constitutional issue, the executive branch cannot prevent somebody from giving information to the legislative branch.”


Yesterday, when pressed by Senator Grassley on the status of Justice Department’s investigation into Russian bribery on behalf of the Uranium One deal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions would neither confirm or deny any such investigation is on going.


25 Comments on Senate Judiciary Committee Invites Russian Uranium One FBI Informant To Testify

  1. Are the Clintons going to
    prison for life ??? Yea right…
    How about the death penalty for multiple
    crimes of High Treason. Good luck.Nothing will happen.

  2. More non-condiments for the nothing burger.

    This is all going nowhere.

    The former head of the FBI has already provided PROOF that our laws do not apply to the Clintons or their employees.

  3. Senate and House Committee investigations are nothing but theater in lieu of prosecution, so that the media and the culprits can claim that something was “covered extensively” and is now “old news”. I mean, come on…Hillary became a media hero after her Benghazi testimony, which she later touted as evidence of her stamina!

  4. I saw on another website the headline “Crime Of Unbelievable Dimensions”: Attorney Says Trump Dossier Could Have “Staggering” Implications For Obama DOJ

    This breathless hyperbole on our side has got to stop. NOTHING is going to happen. Remember, we got us Ole Swampcritter Jeff in the A.G. Spot. Just moseying along, southern gent style, while the Rule of Law gets ass-raped daily.

    If President Trump dumped Sessions, Mueller, Rosenstein, and McCabe, then filed charges against the Clintons and Comeys of the world, we might have something to talk about. Until then, we have to stop letting ourselves get all worked up about nothing.

    I can’t take this shit anymore.

  5. Well said, ChiefIlliniCake.

    Want to find out where justice has a chance of being done? Don’t look to Congress or the DOJ. All the action is in places like Judicial Watch and ACLJ.

  6. ChiefIlliniCake , welcome back!

    And of course you’re right, it’s another exasperating Groundhog Day in the place formerly known as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  7. ChiefI — You wrote the words EXACTLY as they exist in my head. I was going to try to launch a petition at, but I don’t know how to word it. Does anyone here want to help me?

    We conservatives should be a thousands times more angry and alarmed by the loss of of the rule of law — which is exactly what has happened — as we are by the silly things McConnell and Ryan are doing.

  8. Early this morning as I was posting a comment to another thread, I mentioned the Tea Pot Dome oil lease scandal that rocked the Harding administration and then DoJ, Harry Daugherty, who was accused, essentially, if not identically, of failing to properly investigate and prosecute crimes. In order for progress to be made in these things against then Interior Secy Fall (who enriched himself to the tune of about $7MM) by giving non-competitive leases to oil companies for the Elk Mt. (TPD) oil reserves, the Supremes ruled that the Congress has the authority to arrest and compel evidence from witnesses.

    I’m not a lawyer or even related to one, but in case you’re interested:

    I wish this were all just a ‘fascinating read’, but the fact is, it appears we have not only a very corrupt gov’t, but also a very incompetent one. And it’s a lethal combo.

  9. “This breathless hyperbole on our side has got to stop. NOTHING is going to happen. ”

    If it does happen, it will happen to cover something else up. Just like the Weinstein story that they were sitting on for 10 years.

  10. Sessions is a swamp creature who only comes to the surface when their is a commotion so he can observe
    and resolve before sinking back into the darkness.

  11. Are letters even a thing anymore?

    We better hope Grassley took his Alzheimer’s meds, or he might forget to snail mail it.

  12. The more light, the more heat. These things can be excruciatingly slow to develop, especially when most of the DOJ is filled with leftist footdragging lawyers. If Trump wants action on this it will happen.

  13. “Attorney General Jeff Sessions would neither confirm or deny”

    middle of the road ?

    “The only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow stripe.”

  14. Seeing that cartoon reminds me, has a cartoonist done a taking a knee cartoon?
    “Anyone wishing to be thrown out of the country take a knee”
    Or something along those lines.

  15. Let’s see , Holder running guns in Texas , IRS weaponized against the Tea Party , Hillary having the Libbyian Ambassador whacked , the FBI doesn’t tell anyone about a plot to behead Pam Geller , the EPA is weaponized against anyone the tree hungers hate, Hillary deletes 33 K e mails after she is told not to. Classified documents are found on all of her non security cleared staff. The FBI director clears her 2 months before the case is closed. Countless congressional hearings and investigations and you really expect a different outcome?

  16. Sorry, but this is another Charlie Brown cartoon with Lucy once again holding the footfall encouraging Charlie to kick away.

    I will have to see the football float between the uprights before I get my hopes up about any justice being done.


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