Senate Offers Hillary’s ‘Server Guy’ Immunity

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TheLid- UH-OH There’s more trouble ahead for Hillary Clinton, the State Department staffer who freelanced as the tech guy who set up and managed her home server (Bryan Pagliano) told investigators that they shouldn’t bother with a subpoena because he would just take the fifth.

But now Senate investigators are dangling immunity in front of him. Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, the chairmen of two key committees investigating the situation, said they have authority to extend immunity compelling Mr. Pagliano to talk.  MORE

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  1. “(Bryan Pagliano) told investigators that they shouldn’t bother with a subpoena because he would just take the fifth.”

    Sorry buddy… nice try, but it doesn’t work that way and the demons know.that very well. Not unless the coward repubics let it. Otherwise, he gets that subpoena and he MUST obey it and APPEAR at that hearing to answer it.

    And therein lies the golden opportunity for someone like Trey Gowdy, an experienced and outstanding prosecutor. That punk Pagliano should be sworn in and asked the basic questions about pedigree, work history, education, etc… that have nothing to do with Hillary and the server. He can not invoke the 5th on those questions.

    Then, with very well crafted “isn’t it a fact” questions about the scheme, Hillary, the conspiracy, payoffs, threats, bribes, etc… directed at him he will THEN invoke the 5th after every single question.

    Let the conclusions be drawn after he does that. It will be devastating to Hitlery and assumed to be all true. The optics will be horrible and a death blow of loop feeds on the cable news channels and in commercials.

    I hope they drag his ass into that chamber and put this punk through hell. It’s the perfect set up to Hitlery coming in next to obstruct them and maybe invoke the 5th herself. I demand to see this happen !

  2. To hell with that, waterboard the dirty motherfucker, and if Juan McCain objects waterboard tell him to shut the fuck up or he is next.

  3. with the clintons it had better be immunity and witness protection. Twice.

    I’d want the Breaking Bad style witness protection, the clintons are connected enough to still get you with the traditional kind.

  4. So we do know that this guy is a clinton supporter right? He was paid directly by the clintons to continue to do IT work for them outside of his assigned duties, right?

    He set up the server that violated policy and didn’t stop it or sound the alarms that national security was being violated?

    He’s not just a poor schlep who got roped into it?


  5. I say this every time and I will say it again.

    He is NOT taking the 5th. Your 5th amendment right is against compulsory self-witness. YOU ARE compelled to testify for or against someone else.

    He IS asking for the privilege against self-incrimination. The 5th amendment has nothing to do with that. The courts try to combine them so when the IRS comes after you, they hope you ask for the privilege instead of claiming your right.

  6. C’mon!… We should all know what cunts McConnell & Boehner are by now. Both of them will be fully onboard with whatever needs to be done to put up a phony play fight against Hillary’s lawlessness and bullshit while doing everything in their power to make sure she gets away with all of it.

  7. But..but…Hillary APOLOGIZED for not taking this seriously earlier (as if we missed it when she mocked our intelligence)

    AND she avowed she takes “full responsibility”. That ought to be worth something.

  8. Do you really think that Jemimah Cummings would allow this? He’ll circle the wagon for Hillary. Throw all these bastards out of Congress. They are worthless.

  9. HA! I mentioned this ought to be the course when this guy first stated he would plead the 5th (or request the right not to self incriminate). But they shouldn’t of telegraphed it. They should have got him in the chair and told him he was being granted immunity and therefore his right to not self incriminate did not apply and then on with the questions. Don’t give the Clintonistas a chance to regroup or plan.

  10. Didn’t we just go through this with Lois Learner?

    Obviously guilty as charged – 5th Amendment – no jail – more and more evidence comes out – crickets.

    Hoping any of these crooks will go to jail is like playing the lottery. Lots of anticipation, no payoff. Best case: she loses her law license. Big whoop.

  11. He will want to stay away from
    rolls of carpet, .38 caliber pistols
    that let you commit suicide
    when held in your hand in an
    impossible position, and public
    parks. Just ask Vince Foster.

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