She’s Got My Vote

The race to fill a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court has become a two-ring circus.


 Rebecca Bradley, Joann Kloppenberg

On one side we have Republican Rebecca Bradley who today is having to apologize for letters to the editor and a column written 24 years ago.

On the other is Democrat Joann Kloppenberg who stated with utter conviction that Abraham Lincoln owned slaves.

Bradley is apologizing for harsh comments made about gays and the HIV epidemic back in 1992. According to her opponent Kloppenburg, when it comes to the opponents of Democrat candidates, “There is no statute of limitations on hate.”


Of course it is left to a Conservative news site to take notice of Kloppenberg’s ignorance of American History when she lumped the great emancipator in with slave owning presidents, Washington and Jefferson.


My favorite quote from Bradley’s 1992 column called then-President Bill Clinton a ” tree-hugging, baby-killing, pot-smoking, flag-burning, queer-loving, bull-spouting ’60s radical socialist adulterer.”

Judge Bradley certainly demonstrates a better understanding of our Presidents than historical illiterate Kloppenberg.

16 Comments on She’s Got My Vote

  1. Why does Kloppy look so haggard? Oh, that’s right, she’s a soft on crime liberal hack. This race shouldn’t be close but unfortunately you can’t overestimate the stupidity of the uninformed WI voter

  2. Sort of off-topic, but we haven’t heard a damn thing from Obama trolling the Senate about a Supreme Court nominee. I reckon he’s pivoted to trolling about giving Gitmo back to Cuba. And that the two trollings will become related eventually.

  3. So this one used “queer” 24 years ago and Paula Dean said “nigger” two decades ago when the guy had a gun pointed in her face–and never from hateful Democrats is there forgiveness, or acknowledgement that people change.

    But, hell, drink yourself into oblivion and run into a river, leave the passenger in your car to die and you’re f***ing golden.

    Well, the Dem in this case is right about no limitation on hatred–as she shows with her behavior.

  4. Crazy Liberal bush perm.
    I bet she has a foot tattoo as well
    That means she has a 92% chance of stabbing someone with an improvised or homemade weapon

  5. Joann Kloppenberg: matchable hair.

    As in the type of hair you’d love to drop a lit match in.

    She should get some Crisco from DWS as a precautionary measure. Crisco might burn hotter, but it also has a hotter flash point.

  6. Never apologize …
    Never explain.

    It worked for Benghazi, servers, Vince Foster, Chinese donations, Mena, Ron Brown, Man’s Country, birth certificate, College grades, …

  7. Every time I see a post like this, I play a little game: which is the conservative and which is an idiot? Men, women or one of each, I always get it right. Seems some books can be read by their covers.


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