The fused bodies of two men were found Friday morning at a Detroit power substation. The men had apparently broken into the facility to steal copper and came into contract with 24,000 volts instead.  More

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  1. This happens on a semi regular basis, they apparently do not learn about induction and ground grids in the hood.

  2. A lot of nice, liveable houses have been destroyed in the Detroit metro area due to copper theft. Most plumbing in region now is done with pex (plastic) because of this. Electrical work usually isn’t done until security bars have been installed.


    had a video of a guy (black guy) doing the same thing a couple of years ago. Body on the ground, and next to it, his arm arc-welded off a few feet away.

    I guess whomever is tolling the inner-city by encouraging people to do this is having a few laughs.

  4. They were beginning to turn their lives around and pursuing musical careers.
    Both wanted to be conductors.

  5. Some years ago in Northern MN, some stupids thought the large towers that had 345,000 volt lines on them were made of aluminum. They took a couple of cross struts out and the tower came down, killing one and seriously injuring the other. Not sure if they were ‘brothers’.

  6. They must’ve never learned from Reddy Kilowatt that you don’t play with electricity. They both got their zips zapped permanently. I nominate them as the 1st Darwin Award candidates for 2018.

  7. From the police spokesman: “If you’re down, out on your luck in any kind of way, reach out to your neighborhood police officers. We have neighborhood police officers who have a resource of information for people, jobs available. We have social workers inside of our precincts now,”

    How naive can you get??? They wanted the copper to sell for DRUG MONEY!!! Just like most thefts.


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