Short Fuse Media Group Throws Disabled Vet Under Bus Because of Anti-Science Lunatic SJWs

Two buddies, Marezilla and, are alerting the public about a company that caved to the minimal pressures of online SJW morons, and in the process severed ties with a disabled vet who had the audacity to say that a human being cannot change their DNA.

You read that right. Cartoonist, Will Caligan, weighed in on the Ginuwine controversy (the rapper wouldn’t engage in a kiss with a man who believes he is a woman) and said on Facebook that a human can’t change their DNA.

SJWs began hectoring Short Fuse Media, saying they were guilty by association if Caligan remained in good stay with SFM. Previously they told Caligan not to worry, they could deal with the SJWs. Within 24 hours they not only changed their tune, they began mouthing the anti-science ridiculousness and painted Caligan as some sort of defect that needs reeducation.

On Twitter they are muddying the waters, cowardly, arguing a really stupid semantic point – that Caligan was not fired, because he was never hired.

Way to split hairs Mr. Clinton, but this smokescreen isn’t a winning argument.

Also, a hashtag on their twitter statement is asinine – .

Yeah sure. Anyone who believes you can’t change your DNA is “alt right.” This company’s brass are, frankly, jerks.

Here’s a great video that goes into depth on this injustice. The video has bad language, but it also has lots of logic, wisdom and common sense.


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  1. A polite society cannot survive great numbers of such emotionally stunted retards and remain polite. Something has got to give.

  2. They’ve only published one title, “Like Father, Like Daughter,” “about a teenage girl whose father left her at a young age to become a full time superhero. She has to deal with seeing her father everywhere and the world loving him while she views him in his true colors as a man who abandoned his true responsibilities.” And anyone is surprised they wear their pussyhats proudly?

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