Sick Twisted Bitter Angry Leftists Always Reveal Themselves in a Crisis

They say America is at its best during a crisis. REAL America is at its best. Leftists are not part of REAL America.

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  1. I’m not traveling all the way to Pennsylvania just to eat at some place besides hers. I’ll have to phone in my boycott from here, by having my usual Sunday morning El Grande burrito at the local wetba- er, I mean, – Mexican restaurant.


    P.S. – When are people going to learn to quit posting on Hatebook?

  2. Life lesson:
    When you get the urge to post a controversial opinion, stop. Put the keyboard down. Go drink a herbal tea instead. Or something.

  3. Like the Wizard, she is sorry the little dog pulled the curtain back, exposed her for what she really is, a fraud.
    Nobody cares if she is a vegan, what they care about is she is a disgusting human bean.
    Living in your own special little world is no way to go through life.
    Facecrook is de debbil.

  4. “Fifty nine meat eaters dead. How many animals will live because of this?””
    “a former adjunct history professor at Marywood University”

    – There’s your ‘intersectionality’, right there.

  5. I care so much about the animals, it’s crazy! Well, except for the human animals who don’t give me money. They can f**k off and die.

  6. – had to shut down her business after her post Monday night started going viral, sparking intense backlash both online and off

    Your long distance boycott seems to have worked, VV.

    She said she was trying to make the point that she believes animals are tortured and killed unnecessarily for their meat.

    A few observations:

    She’s only been a vegan for two years. She has a lot of mea culpa to deal with and we are all to pay for it, I guess.

    Torture? Why is hyperbole always used when the crazies try to speak?

    Unnecessarily killed? I’m pretty sure it would be more than torture to eat them while they are still alive.

  7. “…they have called police several times out of fear for their safety.” That would be the vegan police, right? Not “carnists”. SMH

    Of course. The ones that carry potato guns.

  8. I want all these nuts to continue posting on Facebook.
    Let the world see who you are. Better to mock, deride and isolate you from normal people.
    Keep on posting!

  9. All this virtue signaling started with the vegetarians and vegans. Many, many years ago, who didn’t have a friend or family member who turned vegetarian, and then begin to harangue you incessantly about “meat is murder”?

  10. Vegans and animal rights activists for years have tried to terrorize farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishermen, slaughter houses, etc. So I hope one of them is feeling just a little heat. At least she hasn’t had her tractors, trucks, silos, etc. set on fire. These crazed people don’t care about animals, they hate people and it doesn’t hurt it’s very profitable because there are a lot of people who give them money, including our government.

  11. That is one scary photo of Moose. Looks either an alien or from some ancient African tribal war creature. No wonder why Barky was so afraid of her. Talk about primal screams.

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