Sign Spotted on Hillary Clinton’s Street in Chappaqua, NY

These signs are currently all over Chappaqua, NY spotted by PolitOpinion’s Maria Z.


Check out the other sign that was posted on Clinton’s street back in March 2015 HERE

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9 Comments on Sign Spotted on Hillary Clinton’s Street in Chappaqua, NY

  1. Sorry. Didn’t pay attention. Thought things got frosty in HRC hometown. Like hell finally froze over.

  2. Lawn down the street has Trump and Hillary sign. I figured it was a couple that don’t agree on their choice. I’ve passed by it every day for the past couple weeks and had the same thought every time.

    Today Mrs. Cracker was with me and I slowed down so she could see, “look hon, this lawn has a Trump and Hillary sign… oh, wait, that’s a Hillary for PRISON sign, wow!” I never did see the for prison part, LOL.


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