Sinkhole Stocked with Fish

Residents in Detroit got tired of the useless 20 foot-long hole cut into their street four years ago and decided to put it to use by stocking it with goldfish and blue gills.

Detroit fishing hole

The city’s Water and Sewerage Department claims the hole was cut by a crew from a utility company who never came back to finish their work.


Whoever is responsible better check with the EPA before filling it in.

19 Comments on Sinkhole Stocked with Fish

  1. That has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen this week. And it’s only Tuesday.

    “The utility company says it will send a crew out to investigate.”

    Yeah, they don’t want to take responsibility and the county says it’s not their problem. Whose property is it? The utility’s or the county’s?

    A box of donuts says the feds come in and start ticketing people for not having a fishing license and causing some kind of endangerment to fish.

    PS. Does no one own a fucking lawn mower on that street???

  2. Caracas comes to Port au Prince comes to Ciudad Juarez comes Detroit comes to a town near you.

    “We ran out of cheese, diapers and EBT cards, heres your fishing pole Shantiquala…”

  3. This is the end result of the soft racism of low expectations.

    This is the democraps telling a whole new generation of black kids…

    You’ll get nothing nice, we’ll ask little in return, please just shut up and make do.

  4. In California…..they’d be funding 1700 studies to see how the relocation of the fish and draining the water might impact the “Whoopi Goldberg” tail darter…mao…mao…mao…

  5. If it’s in Detroit it’s called a stinkhole!
    Stocking the surroundings with a few lions, leopards and hyenas could give it that homey feeling as well…

  6. Looks like a nice quiet place to just sit and wet a hook and think, if you want. Or have a few friends to just shoot the shit. Even if you don’t catch anything, or don’t cook whatever you do catch.

    Making lemonade out of lemons.
    Enjoy the fishin’ hole while you have it.

  7. So we’re talking just the floaters?

    Probably pretty limited. I don’t think there are a lot of vegetarians there.


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