Another Patriot Pet Has Been Added to the Pet Portrait Gallery!

608a1d41-9f23-4313-a906-1b6eb63cd9d1Photo on 11-28-15 at 6.18 AM


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15 Comments on Another Patriot Pet Has Been Added to the Pet Portrait Gallery!

  1. Noodles, you are so cuuuuutttteeee! Just want to smooch you on your forehead.

    Had to smooch Zoe kitty instead. She just did her “Bbbbrrrrrrtttt” noise as she was fast asleep.

    Fur, I am in awe of your talent of capturing the critters expression. They are living portraits!

  2. You wouldn’t think he was so cute if had to wake up to a pile of digested Gravy Train in the dining rm floor whenever it’s too cold or raining outside! Especially after having taken him out numerous times during the night and stood in the cold/rain while he ran around the field pissing on rocks and snacking on deer pellets!
    And we won’t get into the “special hugs” he tries to give any small children or fleece blankets that happen to find their way into our living room…

    Fur, I knew you were an amazing artist. But how you managed to create such a remarkable likeness of my little Chippy without ever having seen him is just incredible!

  3. Fur, you are so talented. Those amazing eyes, the little smile, and that cute wet nose! You captured them so well. I have a little bit of a fetish about cold, wet doggie noses. I have to kiss them. Yeah, I know where they’ve been. 😉


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