Somewhere in Mexico – 1937

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  1. @I’m not PC. Yep, but only when defecting from a shithole. NK to SK for example. NK to China even.

  2. “Everything free in A-mer-i-ca!”

    “Everyone there will have moved here.”

    The problem is that they bring their rat-ways with them. They have no desire, no intention, no impetus to assimilate. Like George Ramos, hate with his complete soul and plucking the ripe fruit, while being a complete and total hypocrite and fraud. Send his whelps to private schools and teach them to hate all the while feeding them pabulum about what a blessed utopia is hispanic-land (no one with enough intelligence (or integrity) to ask him why he’s here).

    We’re the coconut heads in this story – for allowing it.

    Seize their assets, strip them naked, throw them across the border – to the tender mercies of their “compadres.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Open borders just might work but there are a few hard prerequisites:

    — all aspects of the welfare state must be annihilated root and branch.

    — all land the fed govt claims to own (except DC) must be sold to non-govt entities.

    — amend the Constitution to harden property rights.

    — further amend the Constitution to harden the right to free association to include the right to refuse to associate with anybody for any reason, or no reason at all.

    Oh, goodness gracious me! That would have the effect of closing the borders to anybody property owners didn’t want to associate with. Darn.

  4. Eddie murphy sbould make a new movie.coming to america from at chithole conutry. Sub titles in arabic mexican african hathian cuban and so on. Go away. Your chit stinks.

  5. If they made a movie and called it “Shit-Hole People” it would be about democRATs who can’t get enough of shitting on America by using people from Third-World countries with the mental faculties of a kumquat who are eternally obligated to vote democRAT for their supper!


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