Speech Notes Snatcher Charged With Attempted Theft and Disorderly Conduct

Remember when the bint stole Wintrich’s speech notes and tried to scamper away into the audience, only to have Wintrich follow her and reach over her shoulder and snatch them back?

Well, Lucian Wintrich received no charges and the wench school administrator has turned herself in after she learned there was an arrest warrant issued.

(I guess the police didn’t see it Ben Shapiro’s way. Shapiro always sides with the other side when we lash out and don’t put up with the left’s nonsense, calling it reprehensible behavior, etc.)


21 Comments on Speech Notes Snatcher Charged With Attempted Theft and Disorderly Conduct

  1. The left now thinks it has a winning formula, and it probably does. Every remotely Conservative candidate who will now run for any level of office is going to be accused of sexual impropriety. Many men will not even consider running for office, even if they have nothing in their pasts.

    Once enough people realize this is the new political landscape they will either quit political involvement entirely, handing victory after victory to the left, or people on the right will start to get violent.

  2. “…his client never intended to keep the speech but was trying in a “mild and measured way” to calm the situation: “What Ms. Gregory did was the equivalent of unplugging a microphone.” ”

    Ha! mild and measured? Did he not watch the video? LMAO.

  3. Q: What’s the difference between a gynecologist doing research
    and Catherine Gregory?

    A.: Catherine Gregory snatches notes.


  4. Is it required that unattractive people need to be Democrats? Please someone tell me no. I’m too old to change my political viewpoints now.

  5. Somebody needs to seek other career opportunities. I hope that the school can help her out with her future endeavors. Modeling Pussy hats, perhaps…

  6. It’s kinda funny how the community college “professors” and “administrators” are trying to upstage their college and university counterparts — elbowing their way into 15 mins. of fame.

    (anyone else notice how two-faced this woman is? She literally has two different faces if you mask one side and then the other.

  7. That should take Helium boy down a peg! Or maybe he’ll just ignore it, since he seems to be so busy gloating about Moore’s loss.

    I feel like we need to remind that Moore’s loss has been celebrated also by The Clintons, Hollywood, Obama, MSM…the companies you keep, Ben!

  8. @organgrinder (at 7:22 am): Nah, not really – I just modified an old joke about the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping Tom. A pickpocket snatches watches.

  9. In the immortal words of Rudy Ray Moore, “bitch, yo tits be hangin’ down like a shithouse bucket an’ yo pussy so funky even a dawg wouldn’t suck it”

  10. She looks like that broad that ran from James O’Keefe that everybody did a photo shop of. Maybe somebody could do a photo comparison….


    Liberal speaker: Surround and defend their rights

    Conservative speaker: Remove him and escort him away “for his own safety.” –I’ve seen that way too many times.

    I don’t trust the police. They are just an armed political extension of whomever is charge of them. Laws are arbitrary.

  12. At first I thought the pic on the cover page was an older, heavier, uglier Kristen. The general shape of her face, the angle of the head and facial expression. Plus, this thing was running away as well.


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