Spencer: Trump Is Right — Pakistan Is No Ally

Jihad Watch: Financial Times reported last week that “the Trump administration is considering dropping Pakistan as an ally as it examines tough measures to quell more than 20 terrorist groups it says are based in the country.” Here again, the President who is daily derided and ridiculed by foreign policy “experts” is right, and they are wrong: Pakistan is no ally, and has not been for years. This is a rupture that is much needed and long overdue.


President Trump has accused the Pakistani government of “housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. And it’s true, with the most notorious of these being Osama bin Laden himself. Journalist Carlotta Gall, who reported from Afghanistan for the New York Times for twelve years, reported in March 2014 that:

soon after the Navy SEAL raid on Bin Laden’s house, a Pakistani official told me that the United States had direct evidence that the ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, knew of Bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad. The information came from a senior United States official, and I guessed that the Americans had intercepted a phone call of Pasha’s or one about him in the days after the raid. ‘He knew of Osama’s whereabouts, yes,’ the Pakistani official told me. The official was surprised to learn this and said the Americans were even more so.

He shouldn’t have been. It had been obvious for years at that point, and remains obvious, that the Pakistanis had been aiding the same jihadists that the U.S. government has been giving them billions of dollars to fight.  MORE

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  1. It may be a drop in the bucket in the total US budget, but it’s time to save some money by cutting foreign aid to many of these begging enemy countries…especially Pakistan.

  2. Evidence that $Billions of Dollars, support, infrastructure improvements, trade and other aid packages don’t buy friendship, allies or loyalty. It just feeds corruption, funds islamic terrorists and 7th century warlords.

  3. In return for the $Billions what have we benefitted?
    Systematic Betrayal, more corruption and flag draped coffins.

    Pakistan is a nuclear nation, before we leave totally dismantle their Nuclear capability.

  4. As long as the war in Afghanistan is going we will need to keep relations with Pakistan. It’s the only ground route to get supplies into Afghanistan. Sucks, but we have been paying big bucks for the “privilege” of transporting materials to the war zone. When the conflict is over then I assume there will be an accounting of our relation with Pakistan. Maintaining a military presence in Afghanistan is futile. The country is surrounded by 15th century Muslim radicals, many in Pakistan, who are simply waiting the US out. Corruption is rampant and deemed a right due to their distorted beliefs. For 14 years now we have poured money and men into this rat hole and for what? Time to bring our soldiers home from this rat hole.


    That’s not going to stop Congress from sending them $20 billion in “let’s-be-friends” money.

  6. “We’ll give you $5 billion / year to help us find Osama Bin Laden.”

    “Psst! Akmed! Keep bin laden alive making videos for as long as possible, b/c the infidels are going to pay us to look for him!”


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