Start The New Year Right

There’s something about truly tasteless, offensive jokes that are just down right funny. Actually, there are whole genres of ethnic groups excluded from the 30 chosen by this guy, but there are still enough here to trigger just about everyone.

Warning: Offensive language- you probably don’t want a co-worker looking over your shoulder while you play this.  Watch

12 Comments on Start The New Year Right

  1. Here’s one to even the score for any women that were offended:

    What’s the difference between a man and a dildo?
    A dildo can’t mow the lawn.

  2. A Negro, An un repentent monk, A priest, A Rabbi, A Methodist, An Irishman, An Italian, An Amish woman and a Sea lion all died in a car crash….who went to heaven?…..I really don’t know, None of them were clowns….

  3. GMAB, No doubt I’ve been the butt of many jokes, and likewise, I’ve joked about many others.
    Life is short, time is tight. If you can’t laugh at yourself…’re just not right.

  4. that guy wasnt so good. But youtube put some great Norm McDonald videos right after it and they were awesome.

  5. Actually pretty funny in a horrible way. I guess the cussin was to show how hip and edgy the young fella was.

    A communist, a muslime and a Kenyan walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “What can I get you President Obama?”.

    Now just add some swearin and see how much funnier it is.


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