States with largest DACA recipients

h/t Citizen Free Press

10 Comments on States with largest DACA recipients

  1. I linked DACA per state a couple days ago. Older info when total number of recipients was 800K. California was right st 50 percent. Looks like that “sanctuary state” thing don’t mean shit to ICE.

  2. Well that explains it. You get rid of DACA, you crush any chance the regressives have of flipping Texas blue and making Florida a permanent blue state.

  3. Proof that the intent is to keep CA & IL blue and to flip TX & FL from red to blue……It is all about the electoral votes to keep the presidency D and to govern by executive memo.

  4. It’s all about their grip on political influence. The fact that they’re stabbing us in the back means nothing. And they accomplish this by convincing morons they act out of compassion.

  5. This is kinda depressing. I guess I will have to cheer myself up by watching YouTube videos of anchor babies crying over their wetback parents getting deported. That’s comedy gold right there.

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