Stayin’ Alive

This feature by Newsweek on how North Korea would attack The United States is the perfect pretext needed to run this silly piece of parody I found on the internet recently.  Watch

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  1. Haltiwanger wrote something recently that pissed me off, but I can’t remember what, so it must have been trivial. This article for Newsweek is pretty good, and General Jouas has long been warning about assuming NoKo will not attack first. He is not in favor of the Obama policy allowing families of US troops to live in South Korea, as our troops are literally on the front line there. Even Lindsey Graham thinks that’s a bad idea. Good to see that Trump
    is noticing and acting on this.

  2. Their army worked very hard to say with the rhythm of staying alive. I thought the goose step one out with Nazi Germany, guess not!

  3. Extirpates, the only things that went out with Nazi Germany were the swastika and the toothbrush mustache. Everything else is de rigeuer with the international Left.

  4. The more tin pot the dictator the more goofy the march and often the hats. They are trying to Stay Alive for sure.

  5. Orwell noted that the goosestep march seemed to be the common to all totalitarian governments. The democracies marched in stylized walk.

    In 1984 he wrote “imagine a boot stomping on a human face, forever.”


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