Steve Harvey’s trash talk gets him in hot dirty water

KFI: Steve Harvey is under fire for a comment he made to a Flint, Michigan caller during his morning radio talk show. A listener called the Steve Harvey Morning Show and said he was happy that the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in game five of the NBA Finals. Harvey, being a Cavaliers fan, decided to trash talk the caller who said he was from Flint, who was a Warriors fan:  Listen

SNIP: I’m not a fan of Harvey’s radio show but I thought what he said was funny. Was it insensitive? YES. That’s why it’s called trash talk.

4 Comments on Steve Harvey’s trash talk gets him in hot dirty water

  1. The slam would have been much better
    if he said “enjoy your brown glass of
    water brought to you by the democrats”.

  2. ‘He said something MEEEANN…! I’M GONNA TELL MOMMYYYY!’
    (seriously, where are the grown up people on this earth anymore?)

  3. Why is Steve coming under fire about the water comment when nothing happen to the people who created the water situation?


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