‘Stop Rush’ activist ordered to pay Limbaugh spokesman


In a key ruling in the ongoing battle between an anti-Rush Limbaugh pressure group and the radio host’s spokesman, an Anaheim, California woman was ordered Thursday by an Orange County Superior Court judge to pay $9282.50 in legal costs.

Carol Kernahan Wallin is a leader of Stop Rush, a group of activists who target Limbaugh sponsors, in some cases pushing them to stop running ads during his program. In January, she filed suit against Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich (pictured above), an action which was later dismissed by the Court. Glicklich then filed a motion for his attorney’s fees, based on California’s Anti-SLAPP law against nuisance suits. A judge found for Glicklich.


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  1. because he’s extremely rich. he pays people to fly him around, drive him around and cook his food.

    So he also pays someone to deal with the press for him too.


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