Strawman Hit Piece On Ted Cruz?

The Daily Mail and Ask explains why voters cannot “warm up” to Ted Cruz and his face.

When was this decided? When did this become a problem?

The explanation for their made-up problem lies with Cruz’s smile, which they say is downturned.

Ted Cruz... smiling.

I have to tell ya. There are some faces I will never warm up to, smile or not—->

Here are some faces I have a real problem with.






26 Comments on Strawman Hit Piece On Ted Cruz?

  1. I have always maintained he has a punchable face. Resting bitch face. Not trustworthy. As a friend of mind said, he wouldn’t let Cruz babysit his kids.

  2. This is where the dregs of humanity troll.
    Black skin, cleft lip, crossed eye, unbalanced smile, round face, slant eyes, I could go on for hours.
    If you don’t like the guy because your team told you not to, man up and say so.
    Don’t make up ridiculous crap.

  3. Sorry, I go with MLK’s dictum about content of character, not color of smile. The Libtards are getting desperate.

  4. Brad – I actually see a pretty strong resemblance in this picture of a younger “Duke”. Not so much in the pictures where he was older.


  5. ‘Here are some faces I have a real problem with’

    Oh dear. Those are all asses not faces. Can’t tell the difference on them.

  6. Honestly Bubba I don’t think it’s proper to bring an Icon like Wayne into the mix this early. There’s those of us that have developed a hatred for the lack of it ethics by his camp. Maybe we’re wrong. But maybe we’re right. Please have enough respect for the rest of us to not soil an Icon like Wayne until you can prove we are wrong. And that will take a couple years of a Cruz presidency.

  7. It’s just a physical resemblance Brad. Not really comparing him to the Duke in any other sense. I hadn’t noticed any resemblance (physical or otherwise) until Marylou mentioned it. That picture was back when he was just starting out doing the old B westerns with RKO studios – maybe about 30 years old give or take a couple of years. Gabby Hayes was his sidekick in those days. My dad still loves the old Roy Rogers and Gene Autry movies.

  8. Canada recently voted out a quality character based in part on the new guy had nice hair. Look at our mess now. US bought into personality cult with the current potus and that hasn’t been a good experiment either.

  9. @Bubba, I’ve been working seven days a week for a long time but Saturday’s I lay in bed in the mornings and watch all the old westerns until 9:00 am. My little break. Right now it’s 3 solid hours of Gun Smoke. Right was right, wrong was wrong, and guns were a tool. Honestly the only physical resemblance Cruz has to Wayne is those Tony Llama’s he wears once a year.

  10. The only people to come up with crap like this are closet eugenicists – idol worshipers of a nonexistent perfect Man who, note well, always reflects and absolves their own personal ideals and preferences (aka sins).


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