Students Boo Mandatory Diversity Class at University of Oklahoma

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CI: Have students had enough of mandatory diversity?

The College Fix reports.

New mandatory diversity class at University of Oklahoma draws boos from students

Freshmen will be required to take a 5-hour course on diversity in their first year, starting this fall at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa World reported in June.

Now that students are trickling back to campus, some are telling The Oklahoma Daily they think the course is a waste of time:


22 Comments on Students Boo Mandatory Diversity Class at University of Oklahoma

  1. It shouldn’t mater what I think of your ethnicity, gender, social-economic standpoints, religion and sexuality or made up cultural references. You are who you are as I am who I am. That’s for the individuals to deal with.

  2. Diversity eh? Just how diverse do they want the students to be?
    I’ll bet they don’t have any Hells Angels riding motorcycles through the halls, and that’s just downright discriminatory. But a couple of phone calls and several cases of beer could change all that…

  3. It would now be interesting to track
    these students who have spoken out.

    Would also facilitate their Class Action Suit.

  4. I used to love my university job until everything became “Diversity, diversity, diversity.” I stuck it out till the five-year pension vesting and quit.

  5. Reading the quotes by the regressive tools at OU just makes me want to vomit. First this humdinger – ““The diversity is good for everybody … Realizing that diversity isn’t just for non-majority population people,” Ellis said.”

    A not-so-clever way of saying white people need diversity more than than non-whites because they already understand diversity. What a crock. I would love to see this tool walk through the streets of Detroit with his utopian diversity thoughts and watch his ass get beat by a “Black Lives Matter” mob. Even then he’d probably find some way to blame himself for being beaten.

    Then the caption under the photo that says “Diversity training is being implemented throughout the campus to ensure student safety in the upcoming year. ”

    As Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket would say, “You’ve got to be shitting me!”. Diversity training ensures saftey? WTF? Well hells bells, why the hell do we need a police force then? Just subject all people (except non-majority population people) to a 5 hour diversity class and everybody will be safe!

    The glass houses these useful idiots live in just boggles the mind.

  6. They’re paying State Senator JarJar Shumate (D) $250k to teach white students subservience to the master race, i.e., the collectivists and their various thug armies.

    If you look closely I think you’ll find your tax money paying for this re-education camp. Do they also mandate Individualism training? No.

  7. Shut it down except for the STEM courses. Nobody needs to go to college for 6 years to serve burned, overpriced coffee.

  8. THAT my friend would be funny if not true. My daughter did her undergraduate degree at OU. One of her best buds was shocked when he “came out of the closet” and everybody already knew! So after getting his poly sci degree he transferred to another StarBucks in CA so he could “break into pictures”.

    LOL, I wonder if there’s a market for gay porn starring a Harry Potter look alike?

  9. They love them midnight cowboys in S.F.
    A five-hour course? Would that be one hour lecture and four hours lab? The white students could supply the wine, the blacks could supply the dope and the injuns could supply the “peace” pipes. Easy peezy four-hour lab!

  10. My daughter called the other day to tell me she was going to a women and minority in business dinner at her college……everyone was invited except white men. How is this not discrimination?
    Aldous Huxley wrote to Orwell and explained that the takeover will be psychologically. They will make us love our slavery. There’s no need for camps, the camps are in our own minds. Are we equal or are we “diversified”?

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  11. My daughter called the other day to tell me she was going to a dinner on her college campus for women and minorities in business. How is this not discrimination?

    Aldous Huxley wrote to Orwell and explained the takeover will be psychologically. We will be conditioned to love our slavery. Well?

    United we Stand, divided we fall.

    Are we equal or are we “diversified”?

  12. The purpose of college isn’t education. It’s money. Tax money. First, last, and all the in-between. University of Maryland’s Physics Dept. bragged that they brought in more money than everyone except Football.

    Didn’t brag about their scholarship, how many Nobels they produced, how much groundbreaking work went on, how many Post-Docs vaulted into the big leagues – bragged about money – all of which came from the taxpayers (no matter how it filtered down).

  13. So what they’re really doing here is turning the University into a bad Jeff Foxworthy joke:
    If yew need to take a Diversity class…
    When you think about it, what they are basically getting away with is tantamount to labeling everyone Bigots and Racists. Forcing people to take these “classes” is simply making the assumption that you need this because…

    Yew might be White
    Yew might be “Privileged”
    Yew might be a Racist
    Yew might be a Bigot
    Yew might be thoughtless, White guilt-ridden robot and if yer not, we’ll turn you into one!

  14. You can bet that the local C A I R affiliate will be handing out course supplements – in addition to La Racists, Astlan, etc. to demand full acceptance of illegal alien invaders/”Visa Over-stayers” from NON America.

  15. You nailed it Tim.
    People paying $50,000 a year for stuff you can get off the internet and a nice piece of paper they can hang on their wall.

  16. Kids, get your degree from a university that offers classes online. It’s a lot cheaper, and there’s nobody there to ram their nonsense down your throat.

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