Stupid CNN Bint Claims Hoyas Fan Is an Anti-Semite Because He Wore a Bacon Suit

This is the level of thinking over at CNN. This idiot spotted a fan dressed in a bacon suit and claimed it made him some sort of Nazi.

She tweeted it.

But the fan is famous. He is Bacon Man because his name is Michael Bakan.

CNN is a clownfart organization.

Look! He’s with the pope. He must be an anti-Semite!!

NY Post-

CNN guest commentator Hilary Rosen is on the hot seat after she publicly and baselessly panned a Georgetown University sports fan as anti-Semitic — because he was wearing a bacon suit during his school’s recent basketball game against Syracuse University.

It turns out the fan’s name is Michael Bakan, and he regularly wears the get-up just because his last name is pronounced like the non-Kosher breakfast staple.

“Look at the guy in the ‘bacon suit,’” Rosen wrote Saturday in a since-deleted tweet accompanied by a photo of Bakan at the game. “This is a Georgetown #Hoyas fans anti-Semitic smear to the Syracuse team.”

Rosen then fired off a second accusatory missive after Syracuse won, writing, “Hey bacon-man. #Syracuse for the win. Bigots lose. Bye #Hoyas #Cuse.”

Bakan and several of his friends took to the social-media platform later in the day to point out she was jumping to conclusions.

“Hey, it’s ‘bacon man.’ It’s actually Mr. Bakan — pronounced ‘bacon.’ Just a fun costume,” Bakan tweeted at Rosen.

Rosen tried to save her own bacon by claiming she was given some bad intel.

“Awesome, u found me!” she tweeted to Bakan. “Thanks for telling me. I’m new to this school rivalry and got some bad info! I apologize and took down my tweet.”

Rosen never clarified what “bad info” she got about the legendary ‘Cuse-Georgetown rivalry or how it had to do with Judaism.


The dope was in high-dudgeon, but is now “appreciative” that the guy she slurred reached out to educate her.


18 Comments on Stupid CNN Bint Claims Hoyas Fan Is an Anti-Semite Because He Wore a Bacon Suit

  1. So a kid who goes to a Catholic college, dresses as bacon to offend a Methodist school? I’m willing to bet there isn’t a Jewish player on either team, so not sure where the genius came up with anti-Semitic.

  2. Wonder what she would say about the Rainbow Man from the 70’s and 80’s who wore a rainbow colored afro wig to many sporting events. “a great supporter of LGBTABCKLMNOP…, or “a racist, black hating pig”.

    Turns out he was a religious nut who wound up getting 3 life terms in prison for kidnapping.

    PS He used to show up at a lot of Raider’s games.

  3. AR-MO Yes that was him. But he came along after the Raiders had established themselves as the winningest, badesta$$ team in the NFL.

    Whether or not you are a Raider or Steeler fan, you might enjoy this excerpt from a sportswriter in the locker room of the Immaculate Reception game. Of special note is where he mentions the salaries earned and how some players carpooled to the stadium to save on gas. Quite a contrast to the slimes on the playing fields today!!

  4. @Dianny: Please don’t tell Hilary Rosen about Syracuse University. She’ll be tweeting that with a nickname like “Orangemen”, they’re obviously Trump supporters.


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