Stupid Democrats ADMIT VOTER FRAUD in Alabama! VIDEOS BUSES!!!

Stupid Democrats ADMIT VOTER FRAUD in Alabama! VIDEOS BUSES!!!
See the videos here

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23 Comments on Stupid Democrats ADMIT VOTER FRAUD in Alabama! VIDEOS BUSES!!!

  1. “It was never a question of IF.
    It has always been a question of HOW MUCH!”

    Estimated voter turn out was 25%. Actual voter turn out was 65%. I’d say voter fraud was ridiculous.

  2. This is why Trump WON in a LANDSLIDE!
    Take in account all the VOTER FRAUD and Hillary didn’t even win the “popular vote”.
    What has to happen to battle VOTER FRAUD? USE their “RUSSIA meddling/interference BULLSH*T” AGAINST THEM!
    Demand “Voter I.D. so NO ONE MEDDLES/INTERFERES with our elections”.

  3. Sorry. They can show an entire pallet of fraudulent votes, the Republicans don’t know enough to do anything about it.

  4. This goes without saying. Republicans have to win every election by at least 5% because anything short of that will be wiped out by democrat cheating. And as others have said, we gripe and gripe about it, but nothing ever changes.

  5. When I voted Tuesday the poll workers were checking ID’s. The even swiped my license with the computer. But there can still be fraud. Voter ID will not work if the poll workers are crooked.

  6. I know what; let’s get congress to investigate! Oh 💩, never mind.

    Oh, oh, I know; set up a Special Investigator! Oh 💩💩, never mind.

  7. Alabama needs to prove to their citizens and the rest of the country that fraud will not be tolerated. This needs to be investigated, the parties identified and put on trial. If convicted they get as lengthy a prison sentence that State law provides for. I suspect that the population of the state would agree with that approach.

  8. As if the R-stablishment is going to challenge this? They don’t want Roy Moore in office, so why would they bother to check out any allegation?

  9. Are they stupid? I’m not sure anymore. It’s not like a goddamn thing will be done about it. They do this in every special election, because they can ship people in from other states without affecting elections in those other states.

  10. What happened to the uncounted Military Vote? There was a lot of speculation that it would put Moore over the top.

  11. Scr_north, I’d say minimum sentence is as long as the person’s term of office you committed voter fraud for. So, you illegally vote for a senator? 6 years, minimum. President? 4 years, minimum. Representative? 2 years, minimum.

  12. AAAAND…the Republicans are responding
    by doing…..

    FORGET “lock and load.”
    Invest in CLP and Hoppe’s 9.

  13. I don’t think Moore (Roy, not Doug. lol) has conceded. He wanted the military votes counted. No idea what happened. Haven’t seen anything.

  14. Mendacity.
    Lies, everywhere.
    The Demonrats CANNOT win except through fraud and deceit – that is a well-known, established fact.

    That We, the People of the United States, tolerate it, is patently suicidal.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I wish those bus drivers had martyred themselves and driven their buses off of cliffs, with a bus-ful of screaming Leftists in every load. The drivers would get in the Express Lane to Heaven.

  16. If this is legitimate evidence of fraud, Trump’s DOJ should be on thi…..oh wait, the DOJ isn’t Trump’s, it’s Obama’s, and Obama’s DOJ condones and protects leftist voter fraud.

    There were reports of machine malfunctions in the Huntsville area, where Trump won big. Provisional ballots were given, but voters were told there was a possibility that the ballots would not be counted.

    Truth is, the establishment in Alabama and in Washington DC wanted a Uniparty Senator and that is what they will get. The Alabama Supreme Court has already given the green light to destroying paper ballots before the election is certified.

    If there is a recount, it will be difficult to prove anything now. Keep in mind that Sessions is from the Alabama establishment, so help from the Feds is unlikely without a lot of noise from the public.

  17. It was pointed out in the youtube comments that the final interview showing a black man admitting to voting multiple times was from 2008 in Philadelphia. Kind of erodes the veracity of the post. Perhaps that was intended?

    Alabama has had its share of voter fraud cases. Not isolated individuals. Real, old fashioned ballot box stuffing, dead people voting, etc. It wasn’t all that long ago.

    The temptation to commit fraud is strong, particularly when you feel your cause is right and you have a profound sense of entitlement. In this case, both parties would have felt justified in leveraging a Moore defeat.

    I cannot believe how stupid the Alabama Supreme Court (and the establishment elite) was in allowing the destruction of paper ballots while the outcome of the final count was not yet certified, and with a good possibility of a recount. Thousands of absentee and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. I hesitate to go out on a limb for Moore, but this just stinks.

    There seems to be a bizarre sense of entitlement and invincibility in the Deep State. These people really feel that anything goes, as long as they win. The smugness and arrogance drips from them like a rancid sweat.

    Maybe they’re right? They seem to have found a winning solution to MAGA in the last couple of special elections. We might have to get use to the stench.


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