Stupid People On Twitter PT2


This one actually made sense to me since I don’t know, nor care, about the rules in soccer.

It’s like, why don’t they get a 1200 pound hockey goalie to just sit in front of the goal?

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  1. I would like to believe that these posts are the ultimate form of making fun of idiots, but I can’t lie to myself so blatantly. I’m afraid that these are real people that are truly this brain dead ……. and they have the same right to vote as we do. What really scares me is that this might be the “best and brightest” of much of our population these days. Being stupid is one thing, but these people are the genuine article when it comes to stoooooopid.

  2. LOL I love reading these doofus posts. I have to laugh because many of them would otherwise make me cry at the abject ignorance of so many–Americans or not.

  3. I was kinda dumbfounded that Obola got elected – not just the first time but twice – and figured it was mostly due to voter fraud, but I may have been in error.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. People like that are debate-proof.

    Their perception and understanding of the world around them is weak and, at times, nonsensical to even themselves.

    Of course they won’t understand the common sense thing you’re trying to explain to them.

  5. I sometimes wish that stupidity came with some debilitating condition, like head to toe boils.
    The stupid populace could be identified at a glance, and easily avoided. Secondly, If you are going to be that stupid, you and ONLY you should feel the pain!

  6. At least the kid had the right feelings when he learned about the hall of cost. And why didn’t anyone care about barraco barner and Russia dammit! I die laughing if she knew who Dmitry Medvedev was though.

    Making Idiocracy the most poignant movie of all time…

  7. True fools are tolerable insofar as they are honestly ignorant and MAY come to see truth when exposed to it. It’s happened.

    Paid disinfo agents are deliberately stupid and are to be avoided and banned if possible, without exception.

  8. OTOH, don’t underestimate Dunning-Kruger. Many people are SO astoundingly stupid that they cannot realize how stupid they actually are and so think they’re pretty smart. That’s why the stupidest of the stupid can be very arrogant and intractable when someone corrects them with facts.

    They make the perfect leftist drones.

  9. I signed up for twitter and never use it.

    It makes sense now why someone referred to TWITTER as the area between the TWAT and the SHITTER!

  10. Some of these are just Siri trying to transcribe Ebonics. “Awwwww dere, Kingfish, dat suprimaciss done coffin skate mah pho’ an’ sheeeeeyet”.

  11. Dunning-Kruger and Cloward-Piven are now the twin driving forces of The Left.

    The least intelligent bipeds in the room are now encouraged to be the loudest and most arrogantly delusional in some imaginary superiority.

    New improved Brawney. It’s got electrolytes!

  12. “I want my first daughter to be a girl” …. I totally get it ! for 8 years I wanted our first lady to be a woman!


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