Dinner With the President

February 27, 2017 Dr. Tar 34

This last Saturday the President of The United States had dinner at his own restaurant in D.C. One journalist working from a tip was there to bear witness to what went down that evening at the BLT Steakhouse. More  

What It Must Feel Like To Be A Dem Right Now

February 5, 2017 Dr. Tar 9

We’re starting our 3rd week of the Trump Administration and even woefully understaffed as the Executive branch has been, Dems are reeling from the rapid fire changes being launched from the WH. Some clever YouTubers took an old meme from a Japanese computer game with [Read More]

A Twitter Joker’s One Laugh Meme

February 3, 2017 Dr. Tar 18

Going from obscurity to Twitter sensation in a matter of days, a person using the account @TrumpDraws has created a GIF file that offers up a blank slate to put into President’s Trumps hands what ever commentary one wants. It’s a cute idea and the offerings so [Read More]

The Master of Media Ju-Jitsu

January 26, 2017 Dr. Tar 14

Toss the man a loaded question at your own risk, should be the warning to all MSM journalist who go one-on-one with Donald Trump.  The master of the reversal was on display on ABC last night when David Muir thought he’d throw the media master [Read More]

Hurricane Donald Warning for Washington, D.C.

January 14, 2017 Dr. Tar 10

  The campaign was just like the tropical depression blowing across the central Atlantic.  The transition has been the storm drawing strength from the warm Caribbean waters and now Hurricane Donald is going to blow into D.C. and rip the place apart. The House should be [Read More]

Trump Met With Foreign Fem-“Fatale”

January 11, 2017 Dr. Tar 15

Attention Ben Smith! A leaked memo has recently been acquired by this reporter clearly linking President Elect Donald Trump to a notorious Eastern European operative known as “Natasha.”  Compromising video has been obtained of the soon to be president handing over the secret formula for “goof gas” to the foreign [Read More]

Churchill Returning to The Oval Office

January 7, 2017 Dr. Tar 17

Donald Trump has stated his intention to have the bust of Winston Churchill in his oval office once he has been sworn in as our 45th President.  The famous image of one of Britain’s greatest PM’s and war time leader was unceremoniously returned to its homeland soon after the current [Read More]

Piers Morgan and Donald Trump Buddies?

December 19, 2016 Dr. Tar 10

  This image is not Photoshopped and has only been altered to for size.  Piers Morgan is using a similar image for his Christmas card this year. Maybe the President Elect has found his WH press secretary. More  

Those Deplorable Russian Hackers

December 15, 2016 Dr. Tar 11

The People’s Cube: In the meantime, president-elect Donald Trump continued his post-election thank-you tour throughout the country, expressing gratitude to Russian hackers everywhere who helped him get to the White House. After making a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio, known for its thriving Russian hacking community, [Read More]

Mad About Trump

December 14, 2016 Dr. Tar 16

  The magazine that made it safe to be juvenile, Mad, confesses that though they’d prefer to ignore Donald Trump, they can’t.  Their sales go up every time he’s on the cover. More If you think they’ve put the President-Elect on the cover a lot, you should see their [Read More]

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