Trump and Hillary Clinton Are in a Bar….

December 26, 2016 MJA 8

AngryPatriot: While it is unlikely this scenario would play out in the current political arena, you have to admit, the person that wrote this joke had Hillary dead to rights. Imagine, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a bar. Donald leans over, and with [Read More]

Cat Fight! Loretta Lynch vs Hillary camp

December 18, 2016 MJA 15

DailyCaller: Attorney General Loretta Lynch is defending the FBI against allegations that the bureau mishandled investigations of email hacks of Democrats and focused too much attention on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. “I can tell you that this investigation was taken seriously from the beginning,” Lynch said in [Read More]

Voters oppose Clinton pardon by 3-1 margin

December 16, 2016 MJA 23

WaEx: More than two-thirds of registered voters do not want President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office next month, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday evening. The poll said 68 percent of respondents who were asked from Dec. 11-13 say [Read More]

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