Throwing Good Money After Bad

February 4, 2018 Dr. Tar 12

House member Maxine Waters (D-CA) apparently still believes in Obamacare. She recently put forward a bill for $1.2 billion to continue funding the navigator portion of Obamacare that failed miserably. The [Read More]

Maxine is Cray

February 1, 2018 MJA 33

American Mirror: MAXINE WATERS: Russia is out to get me! Maxine Waters now sees a Russian behind every mailbox and lamp post. During an anti-Trump tirade at an urban housing event, [Read More]

Maxine’s Troubled Waters

January 12, 2018 MJA 7

CFP: Maxine Waters has represented, in the U.S. House of Representatives, a region of communities on the southside of Los Angeles since 1991. She is criticized for not even living [Read More]

Keep talking, Maxine

March 10, 2017 MJA 24

PatriotRetort: Whom do I thank for repeatedly letting the gibbering nitwit Maxine Waters out of her padded room to appear on MSNBC? Whoever it is, they’re getting a fruit basket! [Read More]

Maxine’s Call To Arms

December 27, 2016 Dr. Tar 17

  At an average age of +70, the opposition party is going to be lead into battle by the least talented group of corrupt, incompetent and decrepit loud mouths.  If Maxine Waters is their [Read More]

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